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14 days post: Howard sued revoked Knight sold out – Sports Sohu home court revoked Howard sued   April 14th Beijing time, NBA regular season is about to enter the final stage, the following is today union news summary: Howard sued revoked according to ESPN reports, the Atlanta police have said no to child abuse charges Rockets center Dwight Howard. "We are pleased that in the complete examination for Dwight – Howard boring after allegations of police in Atlanta have been closed and decided not to prosecute," Howard said in a statement today. "Dwight Howard will continue to do what is good for his children and protect their interests." Howard was investigated because of last year’s incident, and he admitted to the authorities that he had hit his own child with a belt. Howard told the police that he was taught in this way when he was young, and he didn’t realize it was wrong. Police in Florida investigated the incident last autumn, but ended up without a hearing because of lack of evidence. Then Atlanta police took the case, because it happened in Atlanta. Cleveland playoff tickets sold out according to the "News Herald" reported, the Cavaliers announced their first round of the playoffs this year the first two home court game tickets have been sold out. Tickets for the two games were on sale at 9 a.m. local time on April 13th, but tickets were sold out in just a few minutes. After James left Cleveland in 2010, the Cavaliers never played in the playoffs. Last year, back to the Cavaliers, 5 years later, the Cavaliers also led by James into the playoffs. The Cavs have been locked in the eastern second, but it is not yet clear which team they are going to play against in the playoffs. A De out of the thunder game today, the Blazers will be on the road against the thunder, before the game, "Oregon daily" reported, the Blazers announced that the team striker La Mareus Aldridge because of a sprained left foot will not play the game today. This will be Aldridge’s second games because of a sprained left foot, continuous absence in addition, defender Aaron zaff will also be out due to right shoulder injury lara. The Blazers had locked in fourth place in the west, and efulaluo Aldridge’s absence on the team ranking will have what effect. But for the thunder, the impact is big, and now the thunder is competing with pelicans for the last place in the playoffs, every game is crucial. The plans to build new training hall it is reported that the plan to build new training facilities at El Segundo City, they had this thing by the local committee. The final vote will be held in June this year, the Lakers hope to start in October this year, and strive to complete in the summer of 2017, is expected to be a total investment of $80 million. At present, the Lakers’ training hall is the TOYOTA Sports Center, and also the training hall of the king of Losangeles (NHL team). In addition, the Lakers’ teams, the Losangeles defenders, will use it simultaneously 14日早报:霍华德起诉被撤销 骑士主场门票售罄-搜狐体育 霍华德起诉被撤销    北京时间4月14日,NBA常规赛即将进入收官阶段,以下是今日联盟消息汇总:   霍华德起诉被撤销   根据ESPN的报道,亚特兰大警方已经表示不会以虐待儿童的罪名起诉火箭中锋德怀特-霍华德。“我们很高兴,在完整的检查了针对德怀特-霍华德的无聊指控后,亚特兰大警方已经结案并决定不起诉,”霍华德的律师在今天的一份声明中说道。“德怀特-霍华德将继续做对他孩子们有益的事情,并会保护他们的利益。”霍华德因为去年的事件而被调查,他曾向有关部门承认他的确拿皮带打了自己的孩子。霍华德告诉警方,他小的时候就是以这种方式被训导的,所有他没有意识到这是错误的。佛罗里达警方在去年秋天调查了此事,但最终因为缺少证据没有开庭。随后亚特兰大警方接过了这个案子,因为这件事发生在亚特兰大。   骑士季后赛门票售罄   根据《新闻先驱报》的报道,骑士队宣布,他们今年季后赛首轮前两场主场比赛的门票已经售罄。这两场比赛的门票是在当地时间的4月13日上午9点开售的,然而,门票在短短的几分钟内便已经被卖完了。在詹姆斯2010年离开克利夫兰之后,骑士便一直没有打入季后赛。去年重返骑士,时隔5年之后,骑士也再次在詹姆斯的带领下打入了季后赛。目前骑士已经锁定东部第二,不过目前还不能确定他们将在季后赛对阵哪支球队。   阿德缺席对雷霆比赛   今天,开拓者将在客场对阵雷霆队,赛前,《俄勒冈人报》报道,开拓者队宣布,球队前锋拉玛库斯-阿尔德里奇因左脚扭伤将不会出战今天的这场比赛。这将是阿尔德里奇因为左脚扭伤连续缺席的第二场比赛,另外,后卫阿隆-阿夫拉罗因右肩拉伤也将缺阵。目前开拓者已经锁定了西部第4的位置,阿尔德里奇和阿夫拉罗的缺席对球队排名不会有什么影响。不过对于雷霆来说影响比较大,现在雷霆正跟鹈鹕争夺季后赛的最后一个名额,每一场比赛都至关重要。   湖人计划建新训练馆   据悉,湖人计划在El Segundo City建造新的训练场馆,他们已经就这一事得到了当地委员会的同意。最终的投票会在今年6月份进行,湖人方面希望能够在今年10月份动工,并且争取在2017年夏天完成,预计将会总共投入8000万美元。目前湖人的训练馆为丰田体育中心,同时也是洛杉矶国王(NHL球队)的训练馆。此外,湖人的下属球队,洛杉矶防御者队也将同时使用这座场馆。   (倚梦)相关的主题文章: