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2 "Ada Choi Bowie Lam" anti-corruption storm with less understanding frame Sina entertainment news "two is good I love the Hong Kong male god goddess, see Ada Choi and Bowie Lam [micro-blog] [micro-blog] Biao play was simply too much fun!" Since the crime action movie "anti-corruption Storm 2" release, harvest acclaim and mass media and fans. At the end of 2016 as a pure Hong Kong, Yan and acting in the movie online are God Goddess lineup very exciting, intense and exciting action scenes and people heartbeat. The film Ada Choi and the cooperation of this partner over a number of partners with the box again, but also to surprise the fans of the. The two strength of the actors in the movie are whirlwind acting, staged a battle of wits "and against", let people address him enjoyable! "2" anti-corruption storm by Raymond Wong [micro-blog] producer, directed by Lin Delu, Louis Koo, Julian Cheung [micro-blog] [micro-blog] Zhou Yumin, [micro-blog], Ada Choi, Bowie Lam, Chen Jing, Sheng Jun co starred in the national film is in. Again with the tacit understanding frame still caused "the impression on the feeling of touching memories once when they cooperate or" Zhuguangbaoqi ", a glamorous, an introverted handsome. The "2" in the anti-corruption storm and happy are "empress brother handsome wind, introverted ‘couldn’t be anthomaniac!". The movie after a lapse of two years once again with the box, many fans of Hong Kong films arouse memories, two people have worked with the "Fire Dance sand", "healing hands", "Zhuguangbaoqi" and many other Hong Kong, is a public indispensable for fans of the classic Hong Kong films. But two people with more time superb acting, and no reduction in the yen value, so that fans could not help shouting: "two people see again the same box is really a surprise, time is too good for them really, others are climbing when eye brow wrinkled, increase their looks the acting is between tension and mature charm." "Master blows mutual whirlwind acting God Goddess" the strength of ring powder 2 "anti-corruption storm Ada Choi and Bowie Lam jointly staged a battle of wits" and against ", Ada Choi as a wise and ICAC agent Wang Manling. Have a high degree of high IQ she, with its aura and chic style, become the play of men in a bright red. The mature Bowie Lam’s horse will have the same security manager, and Ada Choi as a member of the ICAC, as Ada Choi’s boss, Bowie Lam is on the road to the anti-corruption star as the master. But now two people according to the camp, taking a different position, the former "master love" into "mentoring". Ada Choi in the film, said to Bowie Lam: "the more doubtful, the more we should suspect him." The surface enough to get a glimpse of the two calm and friendly, how many simmering contest. While many two people worked this time is still unabated, mutual understanding Biao acting, allowing fans hooked: "from the handshake to negotiations, although two people every smile on the surface play, but can feel their inner strength, excellent acting skills and cooperation based on the actor wind from the movie to is not the same!" "2" tells the story of Louis Koo’s anti-corruption storm incense.相关的主题文章: