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3 terrorists disguised as refugees in Germany and Paris terrorist attack the original title: three terrorists disguised as refugees have been arrested in Germany in Germany in September 10, 2015, local time in Berlin of Germany, German Chancellor Angela Merkel condolences to asylum seekers who arrived in germany. In September 15, according to foreign media reported on 14, the German police arrested three suspected terrorist organization Islamic state members of the Syrian people, the three people aged 17 to 26 year old man last year 11 menstruation the so-called Balkan routes in germany. German Interior Minister Demaizie E said, according to the investigation so far, the three people and the November 2015 attacks in Paris related. He said that the various signs, assist Paris Raiders head Gang also this three people brought to germany. In addition, the three men and the Paris Raiders passports are from the same forged passport location. The German federal prosecutor’s office accused the three people of the organization of the Islamic state, in order to implement the task of prior acceptance, or ready to wait for further instructions". According to the survey so far, the three did not get specific tasks. Demaizie E said that the German security authorities take all the clues. He said: "Germany’s security situation is still very grim. Danger still exists." Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: