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Web-Design One of the first reasons a potential client/customer visits a website is to legitimate the business. They want to know that the person they are potentially doing business with are really in business. Think about it, in most cases they learned about your business indirectly through advertisement of some sort whether it be mail, inter. or word of mouth. Therefore, they must examine the legitimacy of your business more closely. Once the potential client visits your website and sees you are a business that really exists, there are several questions they will seek to answer on your Services webpage. They will look at: 1.Presentation – This page should talk about the different services you offer. However, this webpage is not meant for a hard sell. It is simply meant to offer an opportunity for the customer to familiarize themselves with your business and the benefits of the services you offer. You will present the features of your product/service in the catalog or on a separate page (the customer will click to demonstrating heightened interest). 2..anization – It should be presented in an .anized manner. For example, like services should be grouped together and categorized. 3.Categorization Your services should be divided into categories that have clear and logical qualities that naturally group them together. Each category should include a description of the category that helps the customer understand the logical grouping of the items within the category. 4.Descriptions each product/service will have a brief description that will include that will sell them on the benefits of that product. A link to the item in your catalog or to the items own webpage should be included here as well. 5.Catalog The catalog is where you present all of the wonderful features of each product including any specifications or special variations of the services. Your potential customer will seek ease of shopping. If your services are not presented in a clear and concise manner that can be easily navigated, the customer will more than likely shop or do business somewhere else. Present a professional and well-.anized website. Keep in mind the higher the quality of your website, the higher the quality of the customer you will attract and retain. A high quality customer will not go to a low quality website and do business. About the Author: Camille Dykes, MBA is Chief Consultant and Designer for Dykes"’ Webshop. She has over ten years"’ experience in web design and business development. Ms. Dykes seeks to give her clients quality websites that attract new customers. Present professionalism through your website to your customers! Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: