Ji’nan developers speculation school district housing and schools signed a secret agreement 贱人工具箱5.9

Ji’nan developers said the school district housing speculation and schools signed a secret agreement in the Xinhua News Agency Ji’nan September 29th news (reporter Yuan Junbao) "we signed the agreement and the mountain elementary school, pay the sponsorship fee, certainly can learn, but now the agreement still cannot see, wait to see the opening." "The sales staff No. 8 North Mountain Division said," real estate will be launched in the near future, the price is about 29 thousand yuan per square meter. Located near the primary school affiliated to Shandong Normal University in Ji’nan City Real Estate Division No. 8 North ", previously in Ji’nan city is the price of the most expensive land"". At present, the unit price is about 3 times the average price of Ji’nan, basically belong to the highest price in Ji’nan "school district room"". Promulgated by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the "real estate advertising regulations" clearly pointed out that the real estate advertising shall not contain advertisers for residents to apply for registration, employment, higher education and other matters commitments. However, the Ji’nan highest price "school district room" there are many secrets can not be disclosed". "No. 8 North Mountain Division" of the sales staff said, the primary school affiliated to Shandong Normal University protocol can guarantee developers and buyers on the mountain elementary school children to primary school, the latter can see this agreement, "but can not take pictures". The sales staff said "agreement" and the authenticity of the developer is to the school to pay the sponsorship fee, the mountain elementary school did not give a clear reply. Reporters learned that the flats are mostly forty or fifty square metres of small Huxing, most of the house buyers are rushing to the school district room. For developers and schools "secret agreement", some home buyers said "not assured"". "Spend two million yuan to buy a small house, mainly for children to go to school, if not, it is a big loss." Ji’nan citizen Li Dong said. To dispel the doubts of buyers, the sales staff to provide a new Ming Investment Company Limited Ji’nan inscribed "education supporting the description of the problem", which wrote: "January 25, 2016 Ji’nan new Ming Investment Company Limited on the purchase of owners of the immediate children attending the Shandong Normal University affiliated school, signed a cooperation agreement with the mountain elementary school, and full payment of education expansion fee will be based on the agreement of all the mountain elementary school children to accept the owners." Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

济南开发商炒作学区房 称与名校签署秘密协议   新华社济南9月29日专电(记者袁军宝)“我们和山师附小签了协议、交了赞助费,学肯定能上,但现在协议还不能看,等到开盘时才能看。”“山师北街8号院”售楼人员说,楼盘将于近期开盘,价格约为2.9万元 平方米。   位于济南市山东师范大学附属小学附近的楼盘“山师北街8号院”,此前曾是济南市的单价“地王”。目前,该楼盘的单价是济南平均房价的约3倍,基本属于济南价格最高的“学区房”。   国家工商总局出台的《房地产广告发布规定》明确指出,房地产广告中不得含有广告主能够为入住者办理户口、就业、升学等事项的承诺。   然而,这一济南最高价“学区房”却有诸多不能公开的“秘密”。“山师北街8号院”的售楼人员表示,开发商与山东师范大学附属小学的协议可以保证购房者的子女能上山师附小这所小学,后期可以看到这份协议,“但是不能拍照”。   对于售楼人员所说的“协议”的真实性以及开发商是否向学校交纳了“赞助费”,山师附小并没有给出明确回复。   记者了解到,这家楼盘的户型大多为四五十平方米的小户型,大多来看房的购房者都是冲着学区房而来。对于开发商与学校的“秘密协议”,一些购房者表示“不放心”。“花一两百万元买这么小的房子,主要是为子女上学,如果最后不能上,可就亏大了。”济南市民李栋说。   为打消购房者的疑虑,售楼员提供了一份落款济南新铭置业有限公司的“教育配套问题的说明”,其中写道:“2016年1月25日济南新铭置业有限公司就购房业主直系子女就读山东师范大学附属小学的问题,与山师附小签署了合作办学的协议,并全额交纳教育扩容费,山师附小将根据协议全部接纳业主子女入学。” 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: