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LG G5 release date determination! Samsung Galaxy S7 earlier than the appearance of Sohu technology LG has confirmed that LG G5 release date, a number of technological media received from LG’s invitation, confirmed in February 21st this year (Sunday) LG G5 held a new conference to be held 1 days earlier than in the Spanish Barcelona exhibition MWC 2016, Samsung will be the same day release of Galaxy S7, but the LG G5 conference will be earlier. Today, the official twitter LG released several LG G5 preheat chart, and determine the date of release, the main body of the picture is the Arabia digital "5", no doubt is the new generation of flagship LG G5 LG. Previously, the big foreign @evleaks said that the machine will make a major adjustment in the design, the bottom will use a new Jack, now it seems that LG G5 make relatively large design change possibility is very high. Previously, foreign media reported that the bottom of the device may be modular design, plug and play replaceable batteries. From the LG official preheat chart performance techniques, LG G5 is likely to continue to take pictures, a few photos are relatively strong color. In the standard configuration, Xiaolong 820 processor, 5.6 inches IPS LCD 2K screen, front 8 million pixel camera, support 1080p video capture, rear 21 million pixel camera, support laser focusing, optical image stabilization, double flash and 4K video recording, the battery capacity is between 3000mAh and 3500mAh, support for fingerprint identification and fast charging. In addition, LG is still working with iris recognition technology company IRIENCE, so LG G5 is also likely to support iris recognition.

LG G5发布日期确定!比三星Galaxy S7更早亮相-搜狐科技      LG已经确认LG G5的发布日期,多家科技媒体收到了来自LG的邀请函,确认将于今年2月21日(周日)召开LG G5的新品发布会,比即将在西班牙巴塞罗那召开的MWC 2016大展早1天,同一天三星也将会发布Galaxy S7,但LG G5的发布会将会稍早。      今天LG的官方推特放出了几张LG G5的预热图,并确定了发布日期,图片中的主体为阿拉伯数字“5”,毫无疑问就是LG新一代旗舰LG G5。此前国外爆料大神@evleaks 曾提到该机在外观设计上会做出重大调整,底部会采用全新的插孔,现在看来LG G5做出比较大的设计改变的可能性很高。此前曾有外媒报道称该设备的底部可能会采用模块化设计,有插拔式的可更换电池。         从LG官方预热图的表现手法来看,LG G5很有可能将继续主打拍照,几张照片色彩都比较浓郁。      在规格配置上:骁龙820处理器,5.6英寸IPS LCD 2K屏,前置800万像素摄像头,支持1080p视频拍摄,后置2100万像素摄像头,支持激光对焦、光学防抖、双闪光灯以及4K视频录制,电池容量在3000mAh至3500mAh之间,支持指纹识别以及快充。另外LG还在与虹膜识别技术公司IRIENCE合作,因此LG G5还很有可能支持虹膜识别。相关的主题文章: