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The United States continued to decline in September sales of Japanese car enterprises assume responsibility according to foreign media reports, although the preferential increase, decline in the United States in September car city overall sales for second consecutive months, domestic car prices Ford, GM, Fiat Chrysler have different degrees of decline, while the TOYOTA and Nissan sales growth. Data show that in September the U.S. light vehicle sales of 1434000, down 0.7%, but 9 months before the cumulative sales increase 0.3%. September seasonally adjusted annual sales rate (SAAR) up to 17 million 740 thousand vehicles, slightly higher than the expected rate of 17 million 500 thousand, compared with the August of the 16 million 970 thousand vehicles, but also a substantial increase, but lower than last year’s 18 million 40 thousand vehicles in September. "Blue book" Kelly senior analyst Karl Brauer pointed out that the new car market is no longer a growing trend, which means the car manufacturers must consider its market share, the transaction price, preferential and profitability. At present, many car manufacturers in these areas is still good, after all, more than 17 million of the annual sales to the enterprise or leave a lot of space. But there are also many companies rely heavily on preferential measures or bulk sales, is not conducive to long-term development of enterprises. Labor Day weekend is usually the best time to sell cars, but in September this year, Labor Day weekend sales fell 1%, less than 200 thousand, the car retail market prospects worrying. The German American Pudie Japanese responsibility following the August Ford fell again in September fell 8.1%; Chrysler Fiat sales fell 0.9%, sales fell even Jeep. General group has declined for 6 consecutive months, in September the overall sales volume decreased by 0.6%, of which Buick sales growth of 14%, Cadillac rose by 3.1%, Chevrolet fell by, GMC fell by 8.7%. Honda sales fell 0.1%. TOYOTA group end the trend of decline, 4 consecutive months of growth; the overall sales climbed 1.5% to 197260, of which TOYOTA Lexus rose 1.4%, an increase of 2%. Nissan group in September a higher discount, sales rose 4.9% to reach 127797 vehicles, trucks, SUV and cross-border car market demand. The Nissan Infiniti rose 4.3%, rose 12%. Nissan claims that its brand under the cross-border car, truck and SUV rose 20%, total sales amounted to 56703, hit a new high in September. TrueCar estimated Nissan September concessions as high as $3896, an increase of 12%. Subaru rose 3.5%, total sales growth of 9 months of 4.2%, up to 446887. Subaru Tom, head of the United States, said Doll, Subaru has three consecutive months of sales of more than 50000 vehicles, is expected to achieve the 2016 goal of 8 historical records. Honda sales fell 0.1%, Mazda fell by 2.8%, MITSUBISHI fell by 4.8%. Volkswagen Group in September U.S. sales fell 3.2%, to 46577, mainly affected by the impact of the decline in public brand. However, its luxury brand Audi U.S. sales rose 1.6%, offsetting some of the decline. Promotion efforts.相关的主题文章: