Rich soil conservation behavior let take on an altogether new aspect. 纪元1701

Rich soil conservation behavior: let the antique Gu Nong take on an altogether new aspect in the general case of semantic judgments, often occur in the special case of reversal: a derogatory term for himself to show modesty or self deprecating, commendatory terms had been is dumbfounding. What is often criticized today is to make antiques "new"". This is about a little money and no culture to make. According to reports, has been called "the most beautiful wild the Great Wall" in Suizhong County of Liaoning Province, a small estuary of the Great Wall, after repairs had been behind the appearance of some of the vicissitudes take on an altogether new aspect, the convex wall was smooth, become a white winding — neither the ancient wall, is not in vain for a wild, change ten spectacular rather baffling long wall. This thing is actually spoil the enthusiasm, since ancient times, 1935 are Lu Xun recalled: I remember more than and 10 years ago in Beijing, met a landlord, somehow, he suddenly "Ya" up, bought a tripod, said Zhou Ding, it is native flowers mottled, antique. But only after a few days, he actually called it the coppersmith flowers and soil P. it polished completely, placed in the living room, with a light shining copper. The polished brass cleaners, I had never seen second. ("the pavilion two essays set ·" undetermined "grass" (seven)) this is nothing more than Lu Xun rubbed the Things seldom seen are strange., take on an altogether new aspect Zhou Ding he hasn’t seen nothing wonderful, with more "take on an altogether new aspect" go forward with great strength and vigour. The landlord Lu Xun knew it was just a small man. Now the economy developed, rich soil has evolved for the nouveau riche "elegance", nouveau riche and suddenly, it is not only funny, terrible. Source: Wen Wei Po相关的主题文章: