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Dot matrix laser – a doctor’s experience diary concern public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! (the skin beauty Dr. Yang Baohua micro-blog) Note: if a good instrument, not only to do with the doctor, their own experience, will be able to feel the patient is not easy, and to improve the treatment and nursing process, less pain, make the skin become more happy, make medical beauty easier! The diary below is provided by Dr. Huang Jun, who is humorous, fluent, vivid and vivid. Brave yellow doctor (not besmear anaesthetic), but also for her share of thanks. That is a good doctor is not necessarily a good patient, because the majority of doctors as patients when compliance is not high, so surgery often brings more pain and suffering. For example, dot matrix laser, if we can strictly in accordance with the procedure (preoperative surface anesthesia, postoperative ice deposited, coated with drugs, cold water wash, mask repair)   treatment, the pain will become lower. 2016-10-31 on Monday without an appointment with pediatric requisition temporarily in our office, I had to go to the new office here, with a new VISIA, I began to study the new things, find themselves under the eyelid near the medial side of a lot of fine lines, fat particles. After lunch, go to Dayuan Park Sun in the park, and then shook, beautiful, sunny, golden chrysanthemum, red canna, there is a pool of autumn, occasional egret flew over. Pass the big six months, and every time the plan is not to take a trip around ah. No wonder Buddha said, do not rest under the same tree for three days, or you will slow down the pace of practice. Go back to see Cao Sijia doing nothing, even at ourselves in the mirror to play botulinum, a classic in front of a mirror, botulinum, funny, but it is so provocative. I also want to pay attention to their appearance, although the congenital condition is good, also need to modify the. Too close to the eye, I really can not move the hand, adjust the energy, so that nurses do it. Not enough anesthetic, I have to choose the minimum contraction energy, the naked eye can observe 60mj, 6.3%, again, the way the forehead is done, or pain. Ask my sister to put on the beauty of the United States, deposited on the mask. It’s time to go home. Called a car, the driver is very funny, looked at me and said: "halloween". Well, the driver turned out to be a sniper for 8 years. Back home, or sting, I hasten to apply Aloe Vera gel. When I was coaching my son, I did it several times. Estimation of high temperature Oh, while the aloe dried up. No face, no bath. Before going to bed, there is no reading, deposited on the thick of the United States treasure, put gauze to sleep. Coated with aloe vera gel coated with MEBO, sleep 2016111 get up in the morning, the lower eyelid and a little red, I washed with cold water. I took some medicine and went to work. See Xiao Lu, said to her: "I do not know your pain at that time." I used to tell the patient that he didn’t have any pain in the laser"相关的主题文章: