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"National Day paralysis" ending symptomatic essence settlement construction lead: with tired muscle started except mentally and physically exhausted mood, and skin. How to let the tired tired quickly retreat, to open the essence of nursing, it is best to reassure the skin. (source: Ruili network) "National Day paralysis" ending symptomatic essence solve started tired muscle woke up, three big news: the holidays are over! All the holidays in 2016 are over!! Nima, even 7 days of classes!!! In addition to start mentally and physically exhausted mood, and skin. How to let the tired tired quickly retreat, to open the essence of nursing, it is best to reassure the skin. Makeup flash shine ingredients – go from light tan essence "from the muscle bottom with technology, especially add the small pearl, bright pink, gold particles of the essence of the product can be realized, a halo can brighten the face, more three-dimensional, more can moisten the skin, makeup can the beauty of God, nature can quickly wake up skin luster, let shine out from the bottom of the muscle. Dull tired stay up all night muscles to mention bright essence to save the field to stay up late to see how cool the play, the end of the holiday there are many skin loss! Rich in herbal plant extract antioxidant, repair essence, activate skin cells, mostly with ascending effect, but also can strengthen the skin barrier, replenish water and nutrition for the muscle bottom face, healthy and natural light up. Dry run party drinking moisturizing essence makes skin muscle water was annoying, dry skin, like a nail like floating on the surface of the skin, choose light texture, moisturizing lotion is applied repeatedly, finger hard to click, with finger hard to click, more skin full moisture. Forehead, chin, and so on, beat more than other parts of the longer, can improve skin absorption, so that the skin evenly absorb moisture. Because of the light in SK-II muscle ring diamond white cream SK-II muscle ring because of the light in the mining and drilling white essence 1040 yuan 30ml significantly improve dull skin, at the same time, improve the resistance of blackbody quantity, so as to improve skin clarity, deep clean spot, white light bloom drill. Caudalie resveratrol Lifting Essence caudalie resveratrol Lifting Essence 550 yuan 30ml with a high concentration of grapevine resveratrol and micro hyaluronic acid complex (containing two kinds of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid), replenish hyaluronic acid over, and at the same time to promote natural skin hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastic fiber regeneration. With the peptide and olive squalene, enhance the contour, bring the depth of firming wrinkle care. Paris L’OREAL youth password enzyme essential muscle bottom liquid L’OREAL Paris youth password ferment muscle at the end was 280 yuan 30ml enzyme essence compound with high purity ferment up to 98% into the existing components, with a strong muscle bottom repair, make follow-up maintenance significantly upgrade, reproduction of skin young state. Kiehl’s quinoa whitening essence night night whitening essence Kiehl’s quinoa quinoa husk extract 540 yuan 30ml fusion cactus extract of phytic acid and other ingredients, to create a gentle but Zhuo Xiaohuan.相关的主题文章: