Iron guy in the sky, a stone roof smashed a hole in Jiyuan 下北glory days

Heaven "iron" Jiyuan a tin roof smashed a hole "Missiles" from heaven, tin roof smashed a hole in the city meteorological department: may be rainfall bomb casings, recently went to consultation precipitation bullet case Mr. roof smashed a hole the size of egg – Jiyuan morning news trainee reporter Dong Huimin map respondents provided there is a good song "a sister" can fall from the sky, even the people of Mr. failed to such a good thing, not fell into their own beauty, but a 3 cm diameter, 10 cm long "iron man". Afterwards, he knew the "Iron Man" backing is not small. What the hell is going on here? Things have to start in October 21st. Even the people in Mr. Zhen Zhu Quan Cun Wang Wu opened a farm, his mother-in-law Aunt Zhang is more than 60 years old, usually responsible for farm care. Around 9 in the morning, Aunt Zhang as usual in her room rest, suddenly heard outside a bang, louder than the sound of blasting, but not like the explosion sound. The sudden noise startled her. "She thought it was an earthquake, and she ran out." When he got home, he learned the situation and looked into the situation at home. He found out that the iron tile on the top had a hole in the size of the egg, and there were traces of it smashed on the cement ground. Mr. Lian said, when he made a whisper, roof, ground have smashed traces, but do not know what is smashed. "Looking for a long time, only in a corner of the carton found that iron things, then did not know what it is." Even Mr immediately reflected to the Wangwu town government. Later, Wang Wu town government responsible person replies, a few days before and after October 21st, the city’s meteorological departments have launched more than 300 rainfall bomb, hit the roof of his house is likely to rain bombs. The bedroom and the warehouse is only separated by a wall, thanks to my mother-in-law in the warehouse at the time, otherwise the consequences be unbearable to contemplate is really." After that, he contacted the Municipal Meteorological department. The staff of the Department said, when Zhang aunt heard the sound, it may come from the bomb did not burst into the rain bomb, and even Mr. home to find the "iron guy", is the shell of the rain bomb. "They said," rain bombs are tested, and all bought insurance, not blasting probability is very small, do not know why this will happen. However, they have contacted with the manufacturers and insurance companies and will come to consult in the near future." Mr. Lian said. In this regard, the city meteorological department official said, a few days ago, they did launch rain bombs, rain, and so on to understand the specific circumstances of things, will be the first time to solve. (Jiyuan net)

天上掉下“铁家伙” 济源一铁皮屋顶被砸个洞“飞弹”从天降,铁皮屋顶被砸个洞市气象部门:可能是增雨弹弹壳,近期会前去协商增雨弹弹壳连先生仓库屋顶上被砸出鸡蛋大小的窟窿□济源晨报见习记者 董慧敏 图由受访者提供有首歌唱得好“天上掉下个林妹妹”,可市民连先生却没等来这样的好事儿,掉进自家的不是美女,而是一块3厘米粗、10厘米长的“铁家伙”。事后,他才知道这个“铁家伙”来头还不小呢。这到底是怎么一回事儿呢?事情还得从10月21日说起。市民连先生在王屋镇竹泉村开了一家农场,他岳母张大妈60多岁了,平时在农场里负责看管。当天上午9点左右,张大妈像往常一样在自己屋里休息,突然听见外面砰的一声,比放炮的声音大,但又不像爆炸的声音。这突然的声响,吓了她一跳。“她以为地震了呢,当时就跑出去了。”回到家的连先生得知这一情况后,赶忙查看家里的情况,果然在仓库发现异样,顶上的铁皮瓦有一个鸡蛋大小的窟窿,而且水泥地上还有被砸过的痕迹。连先生说,当时他就犯嘀咕,屋顶、地上都有被砸的痕迹,但不知道是什么东西砸的。“找了好长时间,才在一个角落的纸箱里发现那个铁东西,当时也不知道是啥。”连先生立即将情况反映给王屋镇政府。事后,王屋镇政府相关负责人回复,10月21日前后几天,我市气象部门陆续发射300多枚增雨弹,砸到他家屋顶的很可能是增雨弹。“卧室和这间仓库仅一墙之隔,幸亏我岳母当时不在仓库,否则后果真是不堪设想。”之后,他联系市气象部门。该部门的工作人员称,当时张大妈听到的声音,可能就来自这枚没炸开的增雨弹,而连先生家找到的“铁家伙”,就是增雨弹的弹壳。“他们说,增雨弹都是经过检验的,而且都买了保险,没炸开的概率很小,不知道为啥会出现这种情况。但是,他们已经与厂家、保险公司联系过了,近期就会前来协商。”连先生称。对此,市气象部门的负责人表示,前几天他们确实发射过增雨弹增雨,等了解清楚事情的具体情况后,就会第一时间解决。(济源网)相关的主题文章: