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Ni Ping "the first grade" claiming to be Chen Jianbin’s girlfriend debate to an enemy eight – Sohu   entertainment; Ni Ping debate to an enemy eight Sohu entertainment news recently, Ni Ping teacher exposure entertainment insider news cosmetic on the network quickly spread, triggering hot. Ni Ping teacher airborne Hunan satellite TV, first grade, in the program boldly broke the news, said: now which star is not plastic surgery, and even I have injections." Madden remarks, this program not broadcast before the fire. Teacher Ni Ping admitted cosmetic and upright courage, strong appreciation of the won. Ni Ping debate to an enemy eight refresh netizen "cosmetic view" Ni Ping joined the "teacher" is the first grade, to will participate in the debate before the guidance of students training. Teacher Ni Ping by eight to one against Cobain, verse frequent argument should be cosmetic star. Not only exposes himself to the history of plastic surgery, but also asked Meng Ziyi: do you face it?" In the face of miss Ni Ping sharp questions, Mencius just smiling without a word, slightly embarrassed. Strong field teacher Ni Ping awed the audience, easily won, and give the students a great lesson cobain. Not only Cobain students learned a lot, netizens also launched a fierce debate on teacher Ni Ping argument, also start taking those years the whole of the content of the stars. Friends from the beginning of the attitude of plastic surgery does not accept, and now slowly become understood. As Ni Ping said, "the audience likes to see beautiful." Friends cat claw evaluation Road, now the star of the whole capacity is a normal thing, there is no need to hold on, should be right to look at this thing." Admit is Chen Jianbin "girlfriend" Ni Ping teacher "scared" all except sharp remarks about cosmetic shocked network, Mr. Ni Ping also admitted, "scared" of the "people" the first grade. Just on the teacher Ni Ping, also did not have time to tell people to say hello, pointing to loura asked: "you are Chen Jianbin’s girlfriend?" Ask loura was shocked, and pointing to Sun Yaoqi asked the same words. Chen Jianbin in the side of sweating more than, the teacher and Ni Ping admit, "I’m his ex girlfriend." Chen Jianbin teacher suddenly more than three "girlfriend", I do not know how to feel. Stay a little adorable Ni Ping teacher open the old joke, after the couple met Julian Cheung Anita Yuen, also a sincere face to ask, "are you?" The audience said, until now I know that you are like this Ni Ping teacher." There are people on the network confession Ni Ping teacher, I was a teacher Meng to Ni Ping, I feel so cute ah." Soon you’ll see a powerful gas field and a little Meng Meng Da Ni Ping teacher, is very excited about?相关的主题文章: