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Lin update for a new girlfriend was wearing a green hat? Staff: not clear forest update entertainment news on November 23rd afternoon, according to the all star on the day before the sun broke the news, the actor Lin update to Shenyang iridium home to see parents, that night in the kitchen help to wash the dishes, in the forest update to stay home, then two people go out and friends dinner, suspected almost a good thing. It is reported that iridium sun graduated from the Beijing Film Academy, a top student, the day before and update lakorn, two people suspected of hygiene conditions due to play. Sun Yi (information) reporters photographed in Beijing sun iridium appeared the capital airport pick-up, but not Lin update, but new director Wang Ruihuan. Lens, Wang Ruihuan picked up the sun and sent her back to the woman’s home, half an hour later, the two men went to the convenience store to buy things. Wang Ruihuan the whole process of the sun is very care of the sun, only a car passing, will protect the sun to avoid being met. Followed by a few days with the film, Wang Ruihuan repeatedly visited the home of the sun and iridium, and sometimes go out and wear two different sets of clothes, the two home shopping malls, eating roadside snacks, looks very good relationship. In the face of online discussion of the forest update propaganda be in full swing, in response to media access only responded by saying "I don’t know".相关的主题文章: