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The 3 asked Cai Yingwen: why let the underworld as party chairman – Beijing China Taiwan network November 15th news according to Taiwan "in the electronic newspaper" reported that Japan’s nuclear disaster food transport station hearing triggered deadly conflict, came Cai Yingwen 14 evening at the meeting to coordinate the ruling policy in question, the Taiwan authorities "interior minister Ye Junrong" why the Mafia could break into the hearing? The Kuomintang today responded "three questions", "why let the Mafia as the Democratic Progressive Party Party chairman?" "Why, conniving Mafia to bring people into the hearing site?" "Why would the Fukushima nuclear disaster food transport station Kuanshan forced radiation caused discontent, also hit the crying?" KMT vice chairman Hong Mengkai morning released a 13 PM "hearing evidence in the scene and food agency held, pointed out that the picture can clearly see a wearing yellow clothes DPP Chen long, and behind several black people. The picture is visible in the disputed, see thrown from the "food agency," a back door entrance hall direction iron folding chairs, hit the Kuomintang a staff member, causing the head broken and bleeding to the hospital, 4 stitches. In addition, the picture can also be seen these people continue to chase the people who have fallen to the ground, and the police because of the scheduling problem, did not play the role of maintaining order. The criticism of Hong Mengkai Cai Yingwen in an interview this "heartache", but the DPP administration policy for half a year, the hairpin policy continued to occur, including the "labor law law", "nuclear disaster food transport station" and other policies are controversial, "said Cai Yingwen heartache, the people of Taiwan feel very chilling to such authorities". (Gao Xu, Taiwan, China)相关的主题文章: