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"Born in Chinese" won the "best documentary" the Silk Road "we are born in China" won the "best documentary" award, Lu Chuan attended the third session of the Silk Road International Film Festival Closing Ceremony on the closing ceremony of the red carpet Lu Chuan Sina entertainment news the evening of September 23rd, the third session of the Silk Road International Film Festival Closing Ceremony and awards ceremony was held in Shaanxi Xi’an Daming Palace National Heritage Park, "we won the birth of film Film Festival" Best Documentary Award "honorary media in Chinese". Director Lu Chuan delivered a speech in the humor prize, "which we are in the feature film competition unit, but yesterday said in the notice from the organizing committee documentaries. I asked why, the organizing committee said that if you can take a "female." the snow leopard to let you walk the red carpet Lydia back story unit, I took three years without leaving Dawa’s WeChat, fixing actress lost contact, a failure "attracted the audience laughter. Netizens have said: "I hope to see ya ya and Mei Mei, a red carpet and edinburgh." The silk road is the second Shanghai International Film Festival, Beijing Film Festival, Third International Film Festival held in Chinese, this film festival "in the development of the film, the diversity of culture" as the theme, more than 300 domestic and foreign film screenings, finalist of 21 films. The closing of this type can be described as star studded, Jackie Chan ·, Sophie Marceau, Angie Chiu, Zhao Jiping; Betty, · Higgins, and Xi’an has deep roots in the Gu Changwei, Jiang Wen, Huang Xiaoming, Zhang Jiayi, Yan Ni, Lu Chuan and other Chinese and foreign movie star people gathered in the ancient city, a common exchange. Directed by Lu Chuan film "we born in Chinese won the film festival media" honor "best documentary" award, the film combines creative elements of documentary and feature films of two types, can be said to be trying a new type. Lu Chuan said at the time of the award, "we are born in China" originally enrolled in the story unit, finally was transferred to the documentary unit, "but whether it is what the movie, I think a movie can let the audience see the beauty of the natural environment China, see wildlife beauty, so all the staff for three years the pay is worth it, investors pay is worth it; I hope this film can Chinese in theater and the audience’s heart there is a room." (commissioning editor: YY)相关的主题文章: