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Sichuan 3 year old girl was admitted to the robbery "reversal: mother buried (Figure) girls lifetime photos. The families for figure original title: mother: daughter buried pit identified surrendered in May this year, Li Ruoxi 3 year old girl with her mother Yang Qian returned to Nanchong to visit relatives, but the accident after the disappearance of the WCC exclusive report (May 12th 7) after triggered national attention, children whereabouts a mystery. Recently, there is news that the girl mother on the eve of the National Day has surrendered to the public security organs, and to identify the scene, girls’ bodies have been found. Report to find the missing daughter’s mother has become a suspect, this is how the same thing? In October 13th, the Huaxi City Reader reporter came to the white dragon Yan Cun, Jialing District home in Nanchong city. Under the guidance of the villagers, found the buried bodies where girls suspected hillside cypress next about half a meter deep pit. The police confirmed that Yang Qian had surrendered, the police also took her to identify the scene. Currently, the girls are being carried out DNA comparison to determine whether Li Ruoxi. The case is under further investigation and evidence collection, will be announced to the public through a press conference. Girls and mothers. Families for map May 9th report "I was stunned mother daughter." at this time, her face is cut, head injury…… In May this year, Nanchong Jialing police received a report, a mother said he was stunned, 3 year old daughter was taken away by strangers. In May 11th, West City Reader reporter Jialing District Public Security Bureau next to a hotel, saw the mother named Yang Qian. At that time, she was lying on the bed, emotional, tears, eyes swollen look haggard. Have cut marks on her face, hair, head injury, a large hair was shaved off. Yang Qian’s husband, Li Qiang, is on the side. "I have not slept for two days, after the incident, the police have been trying me." At that time, Yang Qian looked very aggrieved, and then she tells the story". Yang Qian is from Suining, and later married to the Rongchang District of Chongqing. She grew up with my grandmother lived in the white dragon Yan Cun, Jialing District home in Nanchong city. In April 29th this year, she took 3 and a half year old daughter Li Ruoxi back to the village to see the grandmother of dragon weir. At that time, Yang Qian, about 10:30 on May 9th, the daughter wanted to go out to play, the two of them along the road to turn for half an hour. Yang Qian said, he encountered a car for a white van, the car without a license. The car in the field of women not only to lead the way she even started to pull small if the analysis, on her back her daughter go on the country road, will she stun away small if analysis. Around 3:50 in the afternoon, Nanchong Jialing police received an alarm. Yang Qian told investigators that she woke up alone in the thatched leaves, a tree will be stuck in the middle of her daughter cliff, disappear without a trace. For the case of Yang Qian, Jialing police investigators launched an investigation. Due to the location of the incident is remote, no witnesses, and the surrounding no monitoring, the case of doubt. Yang Qian expounded around the situation, Jialing police sent a large number of police to investigate the surrounding environment. At the same time, Nanchong, district two public security organs formed a task force. Grandma girl whereabouts a mystery online after the first time Public opinions are divergent. exclusively reported, Nanchong 3 year old girl disappearance sparked national attention, a multi track time相关的主题文章: