California police scandal involving women in public appearances will testify in court-姉summer

The California Police Scandal involved in women’s public appearances will testify – Beijing, China News Agency, San Francisco (reporter Liu Dan) in September 15, more than 10 law enforcement officers in California San Francisco Bay area a number of law enforcement agencies in connection with the 1 underage women’s sexual behavior and detonated series of scandal, 1 police chief and several the police resign or suspended, 7 people were prosecuted. A civil rights lawyer in Oakland city 15 said the women as a key witness. The lawyer also said that the 19 year old woman from the age of 12 has unfortunately become victims of transaction, can survive to this day is a miracle, should be protected by law, the police should be subject to legal sanctions. Has been using the pseudonym Guapu the woman, 14, released from the Florida Martin county jail, and · by the Oakland civil rights lawyer Panmila; Preiss escorted back to the San Francisco Bay area. 15 afternoon held a press conference in Oakland, the use of its name while · Aibusilin. Aibusilin live in old Jin Shandong 30 kilometers north of the city of richmond. To her in the media exposure began in September 2015, 1 Oakland police Dutch act mentioned, including him, police officers and Aibusilin sexual behavior and sex in a suicide note. Oakland municipal government and the police started Dutch act incident investigation to the police, police found more than suspected Aibusilin and underage sex, and several times in a timely manner to her police pornography and other law enforcement information. During the investigation, 4 police officers resigned, 7 people were suspended. In June this year, the sex scandal continued fermentation, the local media coverage of the police officers involved expanded to San Francisco Bay area at least 4 law enforcement agencies, involving up to more than 10 people, Oakland police chief Sean · resigned in winter. At the end of the month, Aibusilin was the residence of the Richmond police sent to far away in the southeastern United States of Florida in a rehab. Her lawyer Preiss said, the drug officers forcibly to her an injection of unknown chemicals, Aibusilin rebelled and bitten in the arms of a guard, was imprisoned and charged with a felony. Finally, Aibusilin was with misdemeanor processing and release. In September 14th, accompanied by Preiss to leave Florida and return to San Francisco Bay prison. Alameda county prosecutor’s office confirmed that 7 police officers will be charged separately from the Oakland City Police Department, Livermore police department and the Con Char Costa County police office. 15 Preiss also said that Aibusilin will receive psychological counseling treatment, there are plans to start learning, hope to be a vet, to start a new life. (end)相关的主题文章: