A Course In Miracles Could Transform You Into The Person You Truly Are-月丘うさぎ

A Course In Miracles is changing the lives and thinking of people the world over. Students of this course are discussing the revolutionary difference in the way they now view life, thanks to the ACIM teachings. For years the words in this book have been called sacred by those looking for spiritual guidance that brings them a better awareness of self. Students learn that they are the ones who create their lives and it is their thoughts, beliefs and perceptions that attach meaning to everything in their universe. If you view something as good or bad that is only your perception and you can change the perception by changing your belief. If you are in charge of giving meaning to all things in your life then you are certainly better served by believing and looking for the good and not things that could be labeled as bad. With the Course In Miracles workbook in hand, all participants learn to look beyond the spoken and written words for what the deeper meaning is in any experience. It is this awareness and understanding that leads one to the lessons that will benefit them. ACIM will provide a transformation of the spiritual self and will enable someone to tap into their own inner consciousness which does have the power to work powerful miracles in their life as well as in the lives of others. The ACIM lesson workbook is presented as plain and unadorned as it was when it was first written, and the teachings are intelligent and reaffirming mantras of the self power and the energy that exists in all people. When you open yourself to the truth of these teachings and allow the old ways of judgmental thinking to be cast off you will be able to use your own inner power to change your life. ACIM teaches you to take charge of your life and to live with pure intention of positive change and energetic growth. You can no longer blame others or outside factors for what you have chosen to create and believe. 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