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Sports-and-Recreation Yes, we didnt believe it either. But its true. Since Fantasy Sports became a $4 billion industry, it was only a matter of time before it made its way into the weirdest places. Steve Hurshein, a fellow fantasy goer was brave enough to admit his bachelor weekend consisted of cigars, beer, and yes, fantasy sports. Steve is getting married this summer. Since he and his buddies play their traditional baseball roto every year, they collectively decided to kickoff Steves wedding with a fantasy baseball season bachelor party. So 14 men rented a weekend cabin with wireless Internet and drafted away. Beer, cigar, and Albert Pujols. Rather than drafting their league at a local restaurant or cafe like they do every year, all the men agreed they would get more out of a weekend fantasy getaway. Steve was courageous enough to admit, it seemed pretty geeky, but confessed that they still smoked cigars, BBQd, and drank beer all weekend. Unfortunately for us, Steve could not divulge if fantasy women made it to the party. Typically, fantasy drafts are squeezed in on a weeknight days before the season kicks off, and depending on how organized your .missioner actually is, you may have a draft a week after the season starts. Rules and league policies are often established prior to the draft, but the long weekend allows teams to offer suggestions or make any changes. Since one baseball draft wasnt enough, the 14 men participated in multiple drafts to pass the time. Fortunately for us, Steve was happy to share their favorite fantasy sites with us, which included ESPN, Yahoo Sports, and Fantasy Sports Stocks. We like sites that are easy to use and keep our league as simple as possible. We also like free sites like Yahoo Sports and ESPN. FantasySportsStocks.. isnt free if youre playing leagues or tournaments, but its only $19.99 for a lifetime membership. Its also a different game cause it translates fantasy value into stock value and gives it a financial spin. Some of the guys love that. It makes them feel important. Theres no question, the traditional wild bachelor party has changed in the last few decades, but one thing is for certain, no woman would partake in any of them, including a weekend long MLB fantasy draft with pretzels, beer, and BBQ. So there you have it, even fantasy geeks can have some fun before they walk the aisle. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: