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UnCategorized A fixed rate mortgage is a loan where the interest rate remains the same for the life of the loan. The initial interest rate is often higher than an adjustable rate, but produces stable monthly payments. A fixed rate mortgage is good for those who want to always have the same monthly payment and do not want to risk having a higher monthly payment or benefit from a lower monthly payment that an adjustable rate may produce. With predictable payments, long term homeowners can plan their budgets and guard against rising interest rates. But a fixed rate mortgage is not for everyone with its higher interest rates and a reduction in your buying power. With a number of lenders, the rates will not remain the same through out the duration of the loan. The rate will remain the same only for a certain period. This period varies with lenders. Usually the initial interest term will last for six months to five years. At the end of the period, your rate will be recalculated on the basis of lenders standard variable rate. When you shop for the cheapest fixed rate mortgages, look beyond the initial interest rate. Another thing to watch out for is additional charges. There can be many additional charges that you wont pay attention to. But they can make a big difference in the end as the charges may add up to a huge amount. Make a .parison of all the charges such as cancellation fees, survey costs, closing fee and application fees. Its unique features include set rates, long term low monthly payments, and low risk. Interest rates are decided according to market rate prevalent at the time of finalizing the loan. If you are able to have valuable collateral, strong repayment ability and a large down payment, you will be a given a very attractive options with lower interest rate. The long term low monthly payment schemes are very beneficial because even though prices increase in future, your mortgage payment and rates remain the same. Also, costs will be.e smaller if your salary or go up during the times ahead. You can also repay your loan early, saving money on interest payments. However, due to the current financial recession facing the world economy these days, cheap deals are available for only those with larger deposit and equity. The situation has made lenders impose more restrictions for approving loans and tightening their lending criteria. If you are a borrower you need to adapt to this fast changing environment. Typically, the tenure of the mortgage is 30 years with low monthly installments which makes them the first choice for middle in.e borrowers. Because of the longer tenure, the interest rate associated will be higher. A shorter term product such as 15 year tenure is also popular because you do not have to pay as much interest as with the first one, but will need to pay more on monthly installments. Other than these types, there are 40 year and 50 year fixed rate mortgages available. But they are not much in demand because borrowers do not prefer to be under the burden of a single debt for such a long period. It is important to look at the terms which may include interest rates, monthly payments and fees. A fixed rate loan is simpler than an adjustable rate loan, but still you must look at the interest rate, the margin, and any fees or points that you may have to pay. Hence you need to ask about fees and points because they may not be clearly outlined or expressed in the documents. If you are not careful, you will be surprised by a fee or points that were not added originally, but were disguised in small print. There are also a few drawbacks to fixed rate mortgages. To take advantage of falling rates, mortgage holders would have to refinance. That can mean a expenses in closing costs, and several hours spent to deal with tax forms, bank statements and so on. Some options can be too expensive for some borrowers, especially in high rate environments, because there is no early on payment and rate break. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: