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Travel-and-Leisure The Carson Hot Springs Resort has been witness to scores of people visiting this picturesque location for its healing waters since it came into existence in the year 1892. Its been going strong ever since.Theres a lot for people to look forward to in this place such as the brand new rooms and newly fitted saunas in the bathhouses as well as a restaurant serving piping hot mouth watering dishes at the newly designed golf course. This is not to say however that the Carson hot springs resort does not value its heritage. The original bathhouses as well as the St. Martin Hotel, in existence since 1901, are still functional and very well preserved. A lot to do in a single day Nothing beats a long and lazy evening in the mineral waters and a massage by one of the many well trained massage therapists after a long day of fishing, rafting and shopping for antiques in Stevenson. The massage therapists here are a dedicated lot as they too are captivated by the whole atmosphere of the resort and the healing properties of the water here. The put offs we can definitely do without I have been in love with the rustic atmosphere of this place ever since I first started visiting in the year 1976. Initially I was a bit put off when I saw that my room had bare bulbs and a very small bed, when in fact I had wanted a king sized bed. The owners had initially lied saying that all the better rooms were booked as there was a wedding scheduled to take place in the local church when in fact there wasnt! I did eventually manage to get a decent room (and that too with two Queen beds!) when the guy behind the counter got an earful from me and was convinced that I wasnt moron. They do this to everybody to apparently cut down on the housekeeping costs. Not many people might care about the healing water and the massages if they are repeatedly fleeced and lied to. A must visit for everyone Situated in the Gifford National Forest, the Carson Hot Springs Resort Washington is surrounded by a succulent forested area. Right from the bath/hotel house you can directly hike the surrounding trails which are great fun. The new owners seem to have messed up on the clientele front with some disastrous decisions on the kind of people they wish to attract to this place. This place, however, has a lot going for it such as the vintage bath houses and the hotel and a soak in the mineral waters of the place at just $20 is simply a steal. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: