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Exercise Muscle building is an important criteria for routines out there and here you will find different roads that lead to your destination. When you first start to work out, trainers will introduce you to two types of workouts that result in muscle building. Everyone wants to look beefed up nowadays and you can obtain that perfect figure, in various ways. Single Set Routines In the initial phase beginners will start out with the single set routine. This single set routine is very effective in building up muscle mass in the first phase of the workout. It couldn’t get any easier to build muscle. There is only one set required in this exercise workout. This gets the body tuned up for the weight training regime and ready to move on to a higher level. The single set workout routines for muscle building can prove to be quite useful to the experienced lifters as well because it really helps in building the muscle mass up from time to time. Sometimes the more experienced weight lifters can also do the single set routine without any splits (i.e. the working of each and every muscle group in every workout). This provides a great way of keeping all your muscle groups lean and charged up and thus lead to effective muscle building. Routines-Multiple Sets These multiple sets differ from the single sets by aiming at more effective muscle building. This workout requires lifters to execute multiple sets of the single exercise, say, 3 sets of 10 reps of preacher curls with little resting in between. It’s usually re.mended if you want to build muscles then you will be better off lifting light or medium weights in your multiple set routines. In the long run, when you work out with lighter weights you are increasing the muscle building mass, though not necessarily the strength of the body. Eight to fifteen per set is the general rule of repetitions. Three sets is the number to go for as it has been tested to be effective for the novice and the advanced lifter. As you move farther along in you muscle building routine you will definitely want to increase the number of sets in your workout. Pyramid Routines The pyramid routines are muscle builders that aim at increasing the intensity of the workout. Pyramid routines use sets at different levels of the same weight training exercise to build a pyramid. Let’s say in your muscle building regimen you start with a light weight and do 12 reps. Next, doing the same exercise, choose a medium weight and do 8 reps with that. For the next set you can lift a heavy weight and do 4 reps with it, then you will have to work your way down to the lower part of the pyramid by doing the three sets in the reverse order. This often gives great results in muscle building efforts. Pyramid routines are extremely effective in muscle buildings as they expose the body to varied amount of stresses. In case the sole aim of the lifter is to gain muscle mass, then the entire routine should be focused on the pyramid routines as these are perhaps the most widely practiced methods in this field for muscle building. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: