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Establish Your Legal Rights With A Dna Ethnicity Test By: Cleo Patek Robinson. | Mar 18th 2010 – There are many reason why you should have a DNA ethnicity test. Some ethnic groups are more vulnerable to medical problems and diseases than others, some people want to prove their ethnic heritage in order to receive financial and legal benefits that are only available to those groups and others could need the knowledge me … Tags: Should Native American Dna Testing Be Mandatory? By: Cleo Patek Robinson. | Mar 17th 2010 – To some groups of people, like Native Americans, DNA testing is used not only to establish links to ancestors but also to determine legal rights and privileges. Tribal sovereignty and legal rights are hot topics of debate in American political arenas and are disputed within the courts all the time. States, industries and la … Tags: Mitochondrial Dna Testing Can Tell You If You’re Related To Eve By: Cleo Patek Robinson | Mar 12th 2010 – In his book, "The Seven Daughters Of Eve", Oxford University Professor Brian Sykes uses research obtained through mitochondrial DNA testing on specimens extracted from the Iceman to back up his conclusion that all people on Earth are direct descendants of one of the seven daughters of Eve and therefore direct descendants of … Tags: Get In Touch With Your Family Using Dna Testing For Your Ancestry Research By: Cleo Patek Robinson. | Mar 11th 2010 – Just how necessary is it to use DNA testing for ancestry research in this modern era of instant access to any sort of information you want and computers that you can carry in your pocket? Especially when you can simply go to the Web and find out anything you want. A few years ago it was estimated that everyone is within s … Tags: Get A Dna Testing Kit For Your Genealogy Research By: Cleo Patek Robinson | Mar 10th 2010 – With recent advances in technology and also the increasing interest in tracing one’s ancestry, DNA testing for genealogy analysis has now become reasonable and easily accessible for anyone with a pc and a mailbox. While it’s important to do your research and make sure you are dealing with a reputable company, DNA testing k … Tags: Dna And Genealogy Research Are Fun And Exciting By: Cleo Patek Robinson. | Mar 9th 2010 – By combining DNA and traditional methods of genealogy research you will get a much more accurate picture of your family tree. DNA testing can usually fill in those gaps in information that you have been fruitlessly looking for. But don’t be shocked if that same DNA test creates another gap. Advances in technology are qui … Tags: Use Caution When Researching Your Ancestry. Dna Testing Results Can Be Surprising By: Cleo Patek Robinson | Mar 8th 2010 – When trying to determine your ancestry, DNA testing will help you at least to determine a starting point. For instance you may have been adopted as a young child and haven’t any recollection of your natural parents or relatives. Thus, you also can’t be positive of your ethnic or racial origin. Appearances are not everything … Tags: Whose Dna Is In Your Family Tree? By: Cleo Patek Robinson | Mar 8th 2010 – Years ago your grandmother may have prepared your family tree but I bet that by adding information obtained with DNA that family tree’s branches will most likely be a little more crooked than you imagined. You see, your grandmother only had access to whatever data was recorded in the local church, library or newspaper offi … Tags: Paternity Dna Tests: Common Queries By: Zoe Scott | Mar 8th 2010 – Paternity DNA testing can establish whether an alleged father is the biological father of a child with accuracy and reliability. Understandably, paternity testing can be a life-changing decision and often much thought and anxiety go into doing such a test. The article highlights some of the basic questions people seeking su … Tags: Dna And Family History Research – The Truth About Your Results By: Cleo Patek Robinson | Mar 6th 2010 – A lot of people are under the misunderstanding that DNA testing can reveal their entire family history. I blame it on those cop shows where every case comes to a successful close based on DNA evidence alone and half of a smudged fingerprint. DNA and family history are connected to a certain degree, however not as closely as … Tags: A Home Dna Kit For Paternity Testing And The Cost Of A Paternity Test By: Julie Ritch | Mar 2nd 2010 – There are various types of tests that may be performed with a home DNA test. In cases where paternal testing is required to prove absolutely as to who the father of a child is, a paternity test kit will be what you need. Tags: Free Dna Testing Kits, And How To Order Them By: owencollins | Jan 3rd 2010 – When you place your order for DNA paternity testing, you will need a free kit in order to collect the sample and send it to the lab for testing. This should be sent automatically by the firm from which you ordered the testing. Tags: Dna Paternity Testing And The Factors That Affect Costing By: mikelewis | Dec 23rd 2009 – DNA Testing is regularly used these days to determine disputed biological relationships between people. The most common form of test is a DNA Paternity Test to determine the biological father of a child. Such test can vary widely in cost due to various factors which are analyzed here. Tags: Language Affects Dna By: kishorehari | Nov 17th 2009 – It has been found that living DNA will always react to language-modulated laser rays and even to radio waves, if the proper frequencies (sound) are being used. This finally and scientifically explains why affirmations, hypnosis and the like can have such strong effects on humans and their bodies. It is entirely normal and n … Tags: Mitochondrial Dna Role In Health And Science By: Brian Jones | Nov 9th 2009 – The genetic makeup of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA)is necessary to understand to know why mtDNA is important. The changes that occur to the genes of mtDNA leads to uncurable sickness. Researches are trying to investigate what caused the changes and how to prevent the diseases caused by the mutations. Tags: Make A Difference In Your Life With Personal Dna Testing By: Ashley Ford | Oct 23rd 2009 – Why wait until it"��s too late to be diagnosed with disease and health risks? With the help of CyGene Direct you can take a private and confidential personal DNA test in the comfort of your own home. CyGene is your best source for predictive personal DNA testing that may potentially prevent your individual health risks. … Tags: Easydna Provides You With Specialist Dna Testing Services By: peterturner | Oct 15th 2009 – It is not often that motherhood over a child comes under scrutiny, however circumstances do exist where it can be necessary to prove maternity over a child. Working in the same way as the more common paternity test, a DNA maternity test can confirm the biological relationship between a mother and a child. Tags: Types Of Home Dna Test Kits By: M. M. Day | Sep 18th 2009 – There are many different types of home DNA test kits that are now available both over the counter and online in the United States. Often termed "direct-to-consumer" test kits, these DNA tests allow people to engage in a variety of different forms of testing in the privacy of their own homes. Tags: "junk" Dna: An Evolutionary Survival Tool By: 800dnaexam | Aug 27th 2009 – A new study by the Flanders Institute of Biotechnology, Leuven, Belgium, has revealed that "junk" DNA is responsible for activating our genomic evolution. This unknown side of DNA actually helps organisms adapt quickly to environmental changes by tuning gene activity, which is an essential survival tool in our evolution. Tags: Fighting Terrorism With Dna By: 800dnaexam | Aug 27th 2009 – While our nation’s security has been heightened since the terrorist attacks of 9/11, future attacks are still possible. Various types of tools are used to aid in the fight against terrorism and DNA testing could become one of them. By obtaining a simple mouth swab from terrorist suspects, a DNA test could be performed and r … Tags: High Levels Of Homozygosity In Offspring Of Incestuous Cases, Detected Via Dna Typing By: 800dnaexam | Jul 31st 2009 – Through DNA testing, we can learn not only that we share DNA with our immediate families, but also, remarkably, that we connect to the first living organisms on earth. Genetic research, including DNA testing, reveals how different species originated from a common ancestor. Tags: Dna And The Aging Process By: 800dnaexam | Jul 31st 2009 – We live in a society obsessed with beauty and youth. Men and women, both, spend millions of dollars each year on beauty products and treatments, in an effort to maintain a youthful appearance or to try to reverse the aging process. While some of these things may appear to work somewhat, how well a person ages is likely depe … Tags: The Dna Field Experiment By: 800dnaexam | Jul 31st 2009 – property crime cases where DNA evidence is processed have more than twice as many suspects identified, twice as many suspects arrested, and more than twice as many cases accepted for prosecution compared with traditional investigation Tags: Why Dna Healing Is Not Only For Star Seeds By: Tom Om | Jul 4th 2009 – DNA Healing Codes realign You to your Multidimensional Being! Tags: How Dna Testing Could �"’˜save’ You By: David Nicholson2 | Dec 31st 2008 – You have probably read that DNA testing can have life transforming effects, but are you aware that DNA testing can �"’˜save’ you? Yes, DNA testing can save you both financially and physically. Tags: Information About Dna Grandparentage Testing By: Kevin Camilleri | Dec 17th 2008 – A DNA grandparent test can be used to determine if a grandparent or grandparents are related to a child whose alleged parent (normally the father) is their biological parent. This type of test is mostly requested when the alleged parent is unable or unwilling to participate in a DNA Paternity Test. Tags: Information About A Dna Sibling Test By: Kevin Camilleri | Dec 16th 2008 – A DNA sibling test can be used to determine the likelihood of two individuals having the same parents in common. It is mostly applicable in situations where the alleged parents are unwilling or unable to participate in a DNA paternity test. In the event where the alleged parent is available of course the preferable option w … Tags: What Is Dna? By: Kevin Camilleri | May 19th 2008 – DNA is a biological material that enables an individual to be identified against any other individual anywhere in the world. It is the most effective subject for determining whether two or more individuals are biologically related, and it is of vital importance in solving crime and determining paternity. Tags: Top 5 Famous Dna Tests By: Kevin Camilleri | May 19th 2008 – DNA tests are not usually mainstream news on the world"��s media, but that isn"��t to say there aren"��t important or high profile DNA testing cases to report. In fact, over the last few decades DNA testing has played a growing role in the way we analyse the past and the way we interpret our future. Tags: Dna Testing To Find Your Ancestors By: Kevin Camilleri | May 19th 2008 – The use of DNA testing for determining a person"��s ancestry is becoming more and common. By linking your maternal DNA (mitochondrial DNA) and your paternal DNA (the y-chromosome), these ancestry databases are effectively able to link you to other people to whom you may be related and thereby determining to some degree your … Tags: Dna Testing For Determining Legal Rights By: Kevin Camilleri | May 19th 2008 – DNA testing is becoming of increasing importance in both civil and criminal legal circles. In the field of private law, it is often important to be able to determine family relationships for financial reasons, or to enforce a range of other obligations. Tags: Dna Testing And The Criminal Justice System By: Kevin Camilleri | May 18th 2008 – DNA testing is a vital tool in establishing the true owner of genetic material, or in resolving disputes as to parentage such as in the case of DNA Paternity Testing. But it is also of use in a more social context "�" in the sphere of solving crime and delivering justice. Tags: Dna Testing Definitions By: Kevin Camilleri | Mar 17th 2008 – DNA testing and the whole process that goes with it can be confusing for anyone, particularly if you’re never experienced the process before. It is packed full of complicated scientific jargon that makes very little sense to most people and requires an knowledge of genetics to even remotely comprehend. Tags: Reasons For Dna Testing By: Kevin Camilleri | Mar 17th 2008 – DNA testing is becoming more and more popular as a way of catching criminals and establishing family relationships (usually in the context of paternity through DNA paternity testing). But why is it that DNA testing specifically is favoured over blood testing and other methods of detecting parentage and what are the most si … Tags: The Dna Testing Process By: Kevin Camilleri | Mar 17th 2008 – DNA testing is becoming increasingly used to determine genetic links between individuals as a highly accurate and individual way of identifying people and their relationships with one another. The process itself is one carried out in advanced laboratories under the strictest of lab conditions to ensure no cross-contaminatio … Tags: How To Perform A Dna Sample Collection For Dna Testing By: Kevin Camilleri | Mar 17th 2008 – DNA testing is most accurate method for confirming biological relationships between individuals. The most common form of testing nowadays is DNA Paternity testing, which is done to confirm the relationship between an alleged Father (and sometimes Mother) and a child. Tags: Testing Different Relationships With Dna Testing By: Kevin Camilleri | Feb 24th 2008 – DNA profiling technology has come a long way in the last few decades, and it is now possible to identify a number of difference biological relationships between any given person. Through using slightly more in-depth matching processes than with traditional DNA paternity tests, the wider testing methods available are nevert … Tags: Using Dna Testing By: Kevin Camilleri | Feb 24th 2008 – DNA testing is by far the most effective and accurate means by which a biological relationship can be said to exist between one person and another. Whether that be through traditional paternity testing or alternatively testing some more distant relationship (usually in order to determine paternity), such as avuncular testin … Tags: Dna Paternity Testing: Submitting Non-standard Samples (part 2) By: Kevin Camilleri | Nov 13th 2007 – In part 1 of the article, we looked at some of the more common non-standard samples used to obtain DNA from an individual for DNA testing purposes. Tags: How To Get A Dna Test By: Alex Blake | Jan 30th 2007 – There are many reasons why you might want to get a DNA test. Although we often see DNA testing used in TV forensics shows, one of the top reasons for getting a DNA test is to determine paternity. DNA paternity testing conclusively determines if a man is the father of a particular child. DNA maternity tests and sibling tests … Tags: Dna Testing: Prenatal Dna Testing By: Alex Blake | Jan 10th 2007 – The popularity of DNA paternity testing continues to grow in our society. Some observers have expressed concern about the emotional and financial impact of DNA paternity test results on young children. Paternity can now be determined before a baby is born through the use of prenatal DNA testing. Prenatal DNA … Tags: Choosing An Online Dna Testing Service By: Alex Blake | Nov 18th 2006 – Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last ten years, you’re probably aware of the growing role of DNA testing in everyday life. From forensics to relationships to ancestry, DNA testing is changing the way we validate truth. One of the fastest growing areas of DNA testing is in the realm of DNA paternity testing. Ther … Tags: The Promise Of Dna Testing For The Masses By: Arnold Stockard | Mar 25th 2006 – In October 2005, I.B.M announced that genetic information would not be used in hiring or to make decisions for health care benefits. The statement was made as DNA testing appeared likely to become an important business, with numerous start-up firms seeking to establish themselves in the consumer market. Indeed, I.B.M. itsel … Tags: Using A Home Dna Test Kit By: Peter Vine | Mar 3rd 2006 – A home DNA test kit is exclusively used in the sampling stage of a home based DNA paternity test. The key component in the kit is usually a pair of serrated cotton swabs, and some DNA free sample tubes. These two components allow the obtaining of the source material which will ultimately be used to determine the biological … Tags: Dna Paternity Testing "�" 5 Key Questions You Should Ask Your Dna Testing Provider. By: Peter Vine | Feb 28th 2006 – DNA paternity testing in its purest form is the application of DNA technology to provide information about the parentage of an individual (usually a child). The mother of the child is rarely disputed, and most of the time DNA testing is requested to inform the likely father of a child. 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