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919 party Yuanhui show eloquence will play Fu Yuanhui Fu Jiangsu TV 919 carnival night Jimmy Lin Sina entertainment news yesterday with Jimmy Lin cool, Sina entertainment from Jiangsu TV [micro-blog] was informed that, in addition to the previously determined Liu Guoliang Zhang Jike Malone’s "table tennis three day mission, the Olympic Games the most famous red girl," the net little angel "Fu Yuanhui will also appear in the" 919 night "scene! September 19th evening 9:19 Jiangsu satellite TV in Beijing live this evening, will be completely changed with the people hi hi style carnival"! After the Rio era "Festival" and "919 night" in Rio popular faces from the table tennis group, to represent the swimming team debut temperament of Fu Yuanhui, "919 night" completely collect the Rio Olympics popularity faces. Take you to review the whole Olympic event with a party, was finally realized. Sina entertainment found that users have commented, do not have to wait so long to wait until the CCTV Spring Festival Gala [micro-blog]!" Do not have to stay up to more than 3 months after the Spring Festival Gala, which naturally preserve the popularity of the Olympic champion fresh". The investigation on the social networking platform would show that the Olympic Games one and a half months after the end of the ordinary people of the Olympic champion is most concerned about the "time period", which seems to have explained the reasons, the Olympic champion is currently the major variety shows berserk. But I don’t really have a program with the "919 night" drive, in order to satisfy the audience’s expectations, "table tennis three day mission finally fit, Fu Yuanhui also won the. Remember before the team reports that Liu Guoliang will be a "Olympic team" in the carnival night, led to Lin Chiling [micro-blog] "" team "competition? Fu Yuanhui will also appear in the "Olympic team"! When the 919 carnival night turned into a real style big get-together, so the strength of the lineup so that users of their interaction and competition are full of expectations. Jimmy Lin [micro-blog] "the girl" appearance? Fu Yuanhui will use the power of the primitive "fancy Hawk" will not only participate in the "Olympic Games" and "art" team competition, Fu Yuanhui may also in the carnival night on the whole process of Sina entertainment, from the "919 night" program group learned that Fu Yuanhui will together with Jimmy Lin throughout the audience. Referred to "run through", is the small Fu will play the role of the host with Jimmy Lin? Previously, there are rumors that Fu Yuanhui and Jimmy Lin will be together by car drivers cool appearance, owned by Racer Jimmy Lin identity play. In this regard, the program group said, is not convenient to disclose too much, through the words, but also more than just the appearance of the link, is a whole." The program group also sell off a child, "but the setting is absolutely with field force, and Jimmy Lin will also actively cooperate, it will be a major highlight of the party." In the Olympic Games became popular network red, Fu Yuanhui rely on what? Of course I have exhausted the universe "and" God knows what I experienced. "So, the scene in sparkling discourse," 919 night ", she will show great eloquence, want to know" the girl ")相关的主题文章: