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UnCategorized Now that you have bought your own solar panels so that you can install them on your home, there is no doubt that you are excited about having the opportunity to set it up for the first time. Well, why not? You will be able to save hundreds of money for your electric bills because you have your own electrical energy source. Arrange your solar panel installation date and you can now get started. First things first; you should be able to make a careful and .plete examination of your roof. You have to make sure that it will be able to support the solar panels that you will be using. Analyse the structural integrity of your roof so that there will be no problems once you have made the solar panel installation. Also, if you have plans in building additional roofs for your house, do this first before you purchase any solar panels (if possible). This will allow you to optimise your savings in the long run. You can ask for the help of solar panel installation .panies in your area. They can give you tips and additional information regarding how you can mount the solar panels onto your home. .monly, there are a lot of people who opt for the roof-ground mounting system that is fastened to the top of the house and props up the panels that are found at the bottom. This is the best choice for those who have bought solar panels that use poly-crystalline or mono panels. Furthermore, this system gives you a good opportunity to maximise the power output since you can adjust it and tilt it onto the right angle facing the sun. Before purchasing the solar panels, ensure that you have done your homework when it .es to the city ordinances as well as the home owners associations in your neighborhood. This is because there are some cities that do not allow solar panel installation for the reason that it will have a bad effect on the aesthetic appearance of homes within the .munity. Do not start the installation if it is not permitted in your area so that you any expensive fees, fines and legal hassles. Depending on the size of the system that you have bought, the solar panel installation may take one or two days. If possible, make sure that the panels are placed in the southwestern position (for those who live in the northern hemi-sphere). The mounting is usually a slow process because you have to certify that everything is being done correctly and usually, you may have 30 extra panels. Make sure that they are mounted properly and that they are all interconnected correctly. Test them all once the mounting process has been finished so that you can be sure that they are securely in place and not prone to leakage. If you are a beginner when it .es to solar panel installation, there are a lot of .panies that will give you a chance to observe the setting up especially if you are a possible client. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: