A new generation of Mercedes Benz g level did not change other spy exposure ca1806

A new generation of Mercedes Benz G class spy exposure did not change before the other, there are foreign media exposure of a group of Benz new generation G road test spy. It is reported that the new car will be officially released at the September 2017 opening of the Frankfurt auto show, and is expected to market in early 2018. Look, a new generation of G still retained from the first generation to other founder. The biggest change is that the front grille is replaced by three pieces, and the bumper is adjusted to some extent. The body side and the rear of the car as a result of camouflage is more rigorous, temporarily unable to judge more details. According to foreign media news, a new generation of G’s body width compared to the current model of growth of about 10 cm, and the more lightweight materials, vehicle weight will decline. It is reported that the next generation models will lose weight more than 400 kg. There is no clear power aspects of the news, but according to foreign media speculation, the new car will be released or Mercedes Benz has just released a straight 6 cylinder turbocharged diesel engine. Maximum power 312Ps, fuel economy will further enhance. In addition, due to the optimization of the suspension system, the new generation of vehicle ride comfort and driving stability will be improved. (source: Motor.1)相关的主题文章: