African students in China Happy race Amoy life monthly income of up to twenty thousand yuan-beself

African students China Amoy happy life ": monthly income of up to twenty thousand yuan – Beijing, China News Agency, Ningbo, November 1: African students Chinese Amoy happy life" China News Agency reporter Li Jia, starting to warm up and leg?…… Wilfred, a student from Ningbo University in Africa, and Nicholas are running training on the playground, intended to impact the upcoming marathon race attractive bonus. From the north "ice city" in Harbin to the south of the "Haikou Yecheng"; from Chinese at the eastern end of the Shanghai to the West on the Silk Road in Dunhuang city. So far, Nicholas and Wilfred footprint has been more than 80 cities in China, has participated in nearly a hundred games. Wilfred and Nicholas’s hometown — Eldoret is southwest of Kenya City, here was born more than 40 world champion runners. In Nicholas’s impression, the people of the home in the grasslands, the road running practice is commonplace scene. Data figure: in the marathon, you can often see the figure of African competitors. But Wilfred has a dream of being an engineer, the full scholarship to Ningbo University, he came to China 3000 km away from Ningbo. However, after school he found the cost of living is still a big problem. Living alone overseas, in order to save money, Wilfred even had to eat a few days to eat a meal. By chance, a student from the Ningbo University, Eric, took him to the "marathon gold rush" road. China is being set off a marathon craze, so that Nicholas and Wilfred have the opportunity to play in the game, winning gold and silver, and won a lot of money. Wilfred and Nicholas seems to participate in the marathon is not just an interest in the game, but also a solution to food and clothing, to improve their own lives. Wilfred’s father was a farmer, and there were 5 sisters at home. Today, by continuing to participate in the marathon, Wilfred is not only able to pay 2500 yuan per year, the dormitory fees and living expenses, but also have the balance back home in Kenya. Data figure: the title means the money reward. Wilfred told reporters, when the market is good, the marathon bonuses a month can be accounted for nearly twenty thousand yuan, to help his family has become an important source of income. But let Wilfred feel the pressure is, as the marathon continues to heat up in China, gave birth to more marathon brokers, the attendant is more "Black Whirlwind" to Chinese game. He admitted that some brokerage firms attract a lot of professional marathoner, mainly in Kenya, Ethiopia’s, Philippines also has other Asian players. China Marathon website October 31st statistics show that in 2016, China’s marathon registered events up to 294 games. The African champion champion, has become the norm in many Chinese marathon race. In Wilfred’s view, the Chinese marathon competition is becoming more and more intense, there are more and more相关的主题文章: