Beijing 15 hours ahead of the air pollution orange police to stop outdoor activities in primary and

Beijing is 15 hours ahead of hair heavy air pollution orange police to stop outdoor activities – Beijing air pollution orange police released 15 hours ahead of today’s primary and secondary schools to stop outdoor activities at school, the city officially launched air orange signal warning of heavy pollution. At 8:50 yesterday, the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau official micro-blog issued early warning information, about 15 hours ahead of the formal implementation of the. According to the forecast, from today onwards for three consecutive days, the capital will be heavily polluted, it is recommended that people travel to do personal protection. According to the plan requirements, warning during the city to stop earthwork operations, in accordance with the list of Enterprises Limited production cut stop production, stop outdoor activities nursery school in the city. According to the monitoring and forecasting of air quality, from November 16th to 19, the weather in North China tends to be stable, and the condition of pollution diffusion is unfavorable. During this period, the temperature of Beijing city will gradually rise, inversion enhancement, increased humidity, ground to southerly winds, weather conditions are not conducive to the spread of pollutants, is expected to be a continuing pollution process, including 17, 18, 19 days will reach severe pollution. Air quality is expected to improve to two grade 20. Early warning early warning for emission reduction reporter noted that the early warning of heavy air pollution orange advance about 15 hours ahead of schedule. In this regard, the City Environmental Protection Bureau explained that the early release is mainly to inform the public in advance, in order to do personal health protection. At the same time, it can also allow the relevant departments and units to do a good job in advance the implementation of emergency response measures to ensure that measures can be put in place to play an early role in emissions reduction, effectively reduce the accumulation of pollutants, protect public health. The high limit penalties for punishment of crime against the wind do air orange signal warning of heavy pollution response, yesterday morning, the Municipal Standing Committee and executive vice mayor Li Shixiang held a video conference deployment. Municipal Committee, party secretary general, vice mayor Zhang Gong suggested that the district departments should fully implement the emergency plan, zuoanzhe according to the upper limit of punishment, to carry out a comprehensive supervision and supervision. Li Shixiang requirements, the Department in charge of comprehensive inspection of emergency measures for the implementation of strict law enforcement, law enforcement, public service should be in place, ensure the traffic capacity, publish service information in a timely manner, the response to accept social supervision. Thorough investigation of the thorough investigation of the vehicles on the road exceed the standard of Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, during the heavy pollution of air, the orange signal warning, will launch a joint enforcement of Beijing Tianjin Hebei, focusing on coal enterprises, electric power, iron and steel, coking, cement, glass and other key industries to produce elevated sources of volatile organic compounds and the local emergency plans stop to limit production enterprises to carry out inspection. At the same time, the heating boiler, stop limit production enterprises as the key to continuously carry out inspection of law enforcement, severely crack down on pollutants exceed the standard discharge and treatment facilities are not normal operation and other environmental violations. The city also will be a thorough investigation of heavy diesel vehicles, exceed the standard in the investigation of vehicles at the same time, is strictly prohibited to exceed the standard of vehicles on the road. On the basis of each car will check the Beijing vehicles, increase transit vehicle inspection efforts to exceed the standard vehicles will be persuaded to return. In addition, will be heavy diesel vehicles, taxi testing as the focus, through the combination of video surveillance and spot checks of crystal相关的主题文章: