Beijing today, the official home heating room temperature must reach 18 degrees Celsius 9c8996

Beijing today officially heating residents in room temperature must reach 18 degrees Celsius – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Beijing November 13th news (reporter Guan Guifeng) 13, Beijing city more than 1 thousand and 300 heating units started heating, two days earlier than the statutory heating time. After the formal heating, residents must be at room temperature of 18 degrees celsius. If not up to standard, the residents can complain to the heating enterprises, heating enterprises must reply within 1 hours, and within 6 hours of home temperature, maintenance. 13, 2009, Beijing thermal power group started home temperature. According to the plan, the group will be in the heating season for 1 million 330 thousand users within the jurisdiction of pumping room temperature. The reporter learned from Beijing city heating Office, Beijing City, the heating units are home temperature, especially in case of extreme cold weather and major holidays will also increase the number of household heating temperature, timely understanding of the user’s home, security standard heating. Beijing thermal power group 96069 hotline from the beginning of the heat from 5 onwards, there are people into the phone to reflect the cold heating, water leakage, low indoor temperature problems. 10 am, the operator Qin Fujun through the home to live in the east of the castle of the phone, she reflects the home heating is not hot in the ten. Qin Fujun quickly put the information points in computer skillfully, press a few keys, in charge of the district heating company name displayed immediately. Qin Fujun will be sent to the work of a single branch, while comforting Ms. Shen patiently, the whole process only 1 minutes. As of 11, the Beijing heat group 96069 hotline answering calls 2864, over the same period last year on the first day of the heating answer quantity is 6679, down 57%, mostly reflecting the home heating room temperature is not reached, Water Leakage etc.. Beijing city heat group relevant responsible person said that the main reason for the decline is the answer of heating preparatory work more fully, including micro-blog, WeChat, the "handheld thermal" APP consulting repair work orders accounted for about 20%. Beijing city heating Office to remind the public, if found heating is not hot, Water Leakage, can call the telephone service heating units, heating units have comments on the results, you can call the hotline 12345, where the district heating management departments or the Thermotics Inc to reflect the problem. According to relevant regulations, heating enterprises need to respond to complaints within 1 hours, and within 6 hours of home temperature, maintenance.相关的主题文章: