Beijing – VIDEO – Chengdu graduates Shuangxuan emerging industry by the autumn offering students Bli-sichen

Beijing – VIDEO – Chengdu graduates Shuangxuan emerging industry by the autumn offering students touted [comment] in November 22nd, sponsored by the Chengdu Municipal Education Bureau of the Chengdu municipal colleges and universities graduates in 2017 autumn large-scale Shuangxuan scene Shuangxuan held at the Chengdu University, a total of more than and 300 household units provided thousands of jobs attracted nearly 6000 graduates in 2017 in. [comment] reporters in the recruitment site to see this Shuangxuan showing a "two grade" trend, many enterprises booth in front of a long queue, and some units are No one shows any interest in contrast. The reporter found that there are many Shuangxuan like McDonald’s, Jingdong and other well-known enterprises, but there are a lot of "novelty" and emerging industry by a lot of students blitz, there are a lot of students deliver resume cruise travel, fashion buyer, game development, and the employer is played all kinds of "warm blooded" slogan to attract students to apply. [comment] Chengdu? Sheng Enterprise Management Services Limited is responsible for reporters to make, now a lot of students after graduation to find a good working environment, comfortable and fun, like on the cruise service industry will be able to attract the students. The same period [] (Chengdu? Sheng Enterprise Management Services Limited responsible person Tengfei) cruise travel is a world trend, this is now a lot of people are in love catering, cruise entertainment play, and each of us to a place where you can also visit land to every country to play, this is the trend. The mentality of young people are now demanding a better working environment, and then work to be comfortable, comfortable travel around the world, which is still a great attraction for them. [comment] in an interview with reporters found that there are many students use the wide net, more for fish to seek work. Chengdu University student Deng Huaxin told reporters that their learning professional work harder, so I can only put more resumes try different industries luck. The same period [] (Chengdu University student Deng Huaxin) I think because we want to find the counterpart of psychology is not easy, I would have to find another, but to look at other professional but that is not limited to professional (work), relatively strong professional success rate is relatively low, what I have to try the possibility will be larger. Wei Yao Chengdu reports相关的主题文章: