Boiling snow Beijing Railway Station full vitality of Norway nationality players to enlarge the stro exit safe mode

Beijing Railway Station activity full boil snow players from Norway zoom trick swoop – Sohu outdoor snowboarding in November 19th, the world’s top events in 2016 " boiling snow " Beijing Railway Station at the National Stadium Bird’s nest " " full of vitality. 7 countries 16 players after several rounds to prance flip, when he paints, not only bring a visual feast to the ski enthusiasts and audience, and interpretation of the beauty of ice and snow sports. 2016 Beijing station three boiling snow   on the first day of celebration; qualifying in first Norway player Marcus – Cleveland continued its good condition, make Cab Triple Cork 1620 Melon the most difficult action, and 177.33 points total score to win the Champions League, Sebastian from Canada – Tang and Darcy SHARP in the runner up. Marcus Cleveland. Successful landing   although qualifying player landing frequently errors, but in the race today, 16 pre qualified players and the PK format and two games, gradually adapt to the environment and to come up with their best action. Sochi Olympic bronze medalist Mark Mike Maurice said: " from more than 40 meters high of Taiwan fast speed skating, at a distance of 18 meters from the ground up platform jumping, air and quickly twist somersault, these very test players self control ability. Players often because of the timing and ski body movements open landing time is not consistent, result in the control of your weak, landing the focus of instability, falls or hand touch will be penalized. " Darcy. SHARP take-off moment   the second runner up Darcy – SHARP satisfied with my performance, he said: " today snow yesterday not so slippery, but after two rounds of preliminaries, I gradually find the feeling, play out of their normal levels. In the air to do the action in addition to pay attention to the time to open the body, but also to control the speed of take-off, height and the choice of the end result, I am very glad to do well in these areas today. " player; take-off moment   on the first day of qualifying in Norway 17 year-old Marcus Cleveland with a Backside Triple Cork 1440 Mute surprise four, won the first qualifying. The semi-final first jump, he still use this action, but this time he did not catch the conventional Mute plate, it is more difficult to catch the Stalefish plate, perfect after landing, the harvest by 91.66 round when the highest score. The final round, Marcus Cleveland? The first to enter the state, the first jump he scored 88 points in leading all players ranked first, but in second jumps appear serious faults, only won 14.33 points. Because the two grades of the best match, the last hop Marcus Cleveland will release the big move, make moves Cab Triple Cork 1620 Melon, he is also the only one to complete this action.相关的主题文章: