Can the stock market attract capital transfer under the control of the property market New China

Can the stock market attract capital transfer under the control of the property market? China CNR network Beijing October 10th news, according to the voice of the economy "transaction facts" reported that the National Day holiday 7 days, 19 cities introduced the new property market, high housing prices to the crossroads. Can the stock market attract capital transfer under the control of the property market? In the WeChat circle of business facts, analysts and financial commentators have heated discussions. Shen Wan Hong Shi Lei: the main controversy is whether the funds will return to the stock market under the control of the property market. Investment in real estate investment profit is very strong, the stock market has also attracted funds, that is, down to the new, institutional funds can be configured in the bargain anti fall shares, while using stock index futures to hedge part of the market volatility. Stability refers to the participation in down to new, obtain more than two digit annual income. Because of the hedge, these funds are more consider the stock price of the fall, and will not have the desire to chase high, so the market for a period of time to reflect more resistance, rather than aggressive. Today’s market is the first to face how to wash down the impact of real estate stocks down, and then stand firm ten weeks average, if you can achieve, you can focus on performance growth, the value of A fixed stock, otherwise, continue to wait and see. Financial Zhao Pengfei: with the large area of real estate regulation, capital return A shares is expected to be relatively strong. In addition, according to the past few years A shares before and after the performance of the festival, the rise is a high probability event after the festival, A shares can look forward to more. Yang Delong, chief economist at Qianhai open source, is more likely to embrace some high-quality blue chips than chasing a bubble in the property market. During the national day, many governments regulate the real estate market. These measures will effectively combat the real estate fever, and may lead some funds to flow into the stock market from the property market, which is conducive to the rebound of the stock market. From past experience, early in the regulation of real estate, some real estate related sector may decline, on the other hand, the real estate industry chain and independent sectors will appear relatively large increase, such as medicine, food, beverage and other consumer segments and in the industry, the brokerage sector would be better the performance of. Shun Securities chief investment adviser Zhang Deliang: the key is the rising trend of A shares has not been formed, but also from the stock index structure currently speaking, the overall level of earnings and record high, still remain in the 50 to 70 times, such a high level of earnings is indeed difficult to Zaishangtaijie, but overall at the blue chip market rate is about 12 times. If you can find a breakthrough in some large market blue chips, the market will get very positive support, so after a period of time, the market will remain in a relatively stable state. New era securities Shen Rui: during the festival, there has been a certain global inflation, but this inflation is relative. The impact of the market may be more concentrated in some of the higher concentration of resources, such as coal or natural gas and other plates. Fu Shaoqi: real estate stocks for the A stock market, the weight is relatively large, and this impact on the entire index, or relatively bad, so the opening of the festival market, as well as in the daily level, weekly level.

楼市调控下 股市能否吸引资金转移?-中新网   央广网北京10月10日消息 据经济之声《交易实况》报道,国庆假期7天19个城市出台楼市新政,高房价到十字路口。楼市调控下,股市能否吸引资金转移?《交易实况》的微信朋友圈里,分析师和财经评论员热议不断。   申万宏源石磊:楼市调控下主要的争议就是资金是否会回流股市。参与房地产投资的资金逐利性很强,股市对于资金也有吸引,那就是往下打新,机构资金可以在逢低配置抗跌股的同时用股指期货来对冲部分市值的波动。稳定是指参与往下打新,获得两位数以上的年化收益。由于有了对冲,这些资金更多的是考虑股价的抗跌性,并不会有追高的意愿,所以市场在一段时间内体现更多的是抗跌性,而非攻击性。今日市场首先面对的是如何对冲掉房地产股票的回落影响,然后站稳十周均线,若能实现,大家可关注业绩增长确A定的价值股,否则就继续以观望为主。   金融界赵鹏飞:随着房地产调控的大面积展开,资金回流A股的预计还是比较强烈的。另外,根据过去几年A股节前节后的表现,节后上扬是个大概率事件,节后A股可以多些期待。   前海开源首席经济学家杨德龙:与其追逐有泡沫的楼市不如去拥抱一些优质蓝筹股。国庆节期间,多地政府对房地产市场进行了调控,这些措施将有效打击炒房热,并可能会引导一部分资金从楼市流入股市,从而有利于股市的反弹。从过去的经验来看,在房地产调控的初期,一些与房地产相关的板块可能会出现下跌,反之,和房地产产业链无关的行业和板块将出现比较大的上涨,例如医药、食品、饮料等消费类板块以及军工、券商板块可能会有较好的表现。   安信证券首席投资顾问张德良:目前关键的是A股本身的上涨趋势没有形成,而且从目前的股指结构上来讲,中小创整体的市盈率水平偏高,目前还停留在50到70倍的阶段,这么高的市盈率水平确实很难再上台阶,但是大盘蓝筹股的整体市盈率水平也就是12倍左右。如果能在一些中大市值蓝筹股中找到突破口,市场会得到非常正面的支持,所以在节后一段时间,市场还是会维持在一个相对比较平稳的状态。   新时代证券申睿:在节日期间,全球出现了一定的普涨,但是这种普涨是相对的。市场的影响可能会更多的集中在一些集中度较高的资源类品种上,例如煤炭或天然气等板块。   付少琪:房地产股对于A股市场来说权重是比较大的,这对整个指数的影响,还是相对偏利空的,因此节后市场的开盘以及在日线级别、周线级别上的市场走势还是要看房地产股的走势是否会比较坚挺。如果房地产股的回落比较明显,势必会引发整个A股市场的跟风效应,这对市场来说是非常不利的。外围市场的上涨以及人民币加入SDR等一系列有利的因素也会对冲这样一种不利的影响。因此,国庆长假之后整个行情中性偏弱势的可能性会比较大。相关的主题文章: