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Changsha large robbery solved about 30000000 antique – fully recovered Beijing Red Changsha news November 1st (time news reporter Zheng Tao correspondent Kong Yi) November 1st, informed the foreign Changsha Municipal Public Security Bureau said, the Bureau relies on more police interaction in the system of joint operations and information investigation means, after 19 days and nights of continuous fighting and cross five provinces of unremitting track, in October 17th successfully cracked occurred in September 30, 2016 Changsha together serious robbery and arrested 17 suspects, robbed valuation of more than 3000 yuan and other belongings to recover all Wenwan antique. In September 30th this year, 17 am, Wen Jianjun (a pseudonym) back to the Kaifu District Wanglu Garden District 12 floor of the home, when it opened the door ready to enter was suddenly from behind fiercely into the room. Subsequently, the four masked men broke into the room, the text of the army was beaten and tied at home. Subsequently, the four men will be 16 thousand yuan in cash to the army stored at home in Western Jingdezhen watches, clocks, porcelain kiln, Han bronze tripod, jade and other more than 200 pieces of antiques and safes and bank card handling multiple walk, the total property valuation of more than 3000 yuan. Night 23 PM, the victim from the army human rope, successful self-help alarm. After the alarm, Changsha City Public Security Bureau Branch Kaifu immediately mobilized investigation, technology, video and other elite forces rushed to the scene, to carry out on-site survey, investigation, video retrieval and case detection. "The case should be Department of criminal suspects orchestrated and organized in several times before the incident to the victim and the crime of tracking, check." Through a comprehensive investigation of the situation, the task force made a bold inference. Based on this idea, the task force police quickly locked a white car Shandong license. The car arrived in Hunan in September 21st from Beijing, Loudi, arrived in Changsha on the 25, many times in the vicinity of the incident occurred. 30 days after the incident, several men take the car out of Changsha fled to the north. In this car white Chinese car as a breakthrough, the project group has carried out a lot of painstaking investigation, found in Beijing, Hunan Loudi Huang Liu who headed across Beijing, Liaoning, Hebei, Henan, and Hunan Changsha, Loudi, a number of criminal gangs involved more than 10 people. The gang before committing the crime were carefully planned to carry goods scattered to escape after committing the crime to the country. The ad hoc group immediately dispatched to arrest team dispatched to Beijing, Liaoning, Hunan, Loudi and other places, take hot pursuit, one by one by one way, to carry out the work ZhuiZang and arrest suspects. In October 3rd, the ad hoc police in a hotel Changsha Shaoshan road will suspect Choi, danmou arrested, seized stolen antiques, more than 90 pieces of jade. In October 4th, the ad hoc police in LouDi Railway Station will led to Liu Gang of 10 people are captured and seized stolen goods involved more than 10 pieces. October 6th, 13, respectively, the task force in Beijing, Daxing District, Liaoning, the suspect Lou, a high arrested. October 16th, 17, the police task force in Beijing, the strong support of the police.相关的主题文章: