Chase the man hit the armored car guards killed by the police in the

Chase the man hit the armored car guards killed by the police have been involved in the investigation of CNR network Dongguan on October 28th news (reporter Wang Yiqun Zhou Yu) according to voice of China "peak Evening News" reported yesterday, Guangdong Dongguan occurred after smashing securicar incident, triggered public concern. It is understood that the incident occurred in the town of Changan Dongguan City usha community, many video network transmission witnesses shooting, a man armed with multiple items bash armored car windows, the glass is damaged. After the guards shot, the man fell to the ground dead. At present, the police have been involved in the investigation. What is the reason for the man to chase the car? Witnesses said in an interview, the man suspected and armored car at the intersection of "rub", but this has not been confirmed by police. In addition, many netizens questioned, the security personnel to carry out the car was shot to death, which is inappropriate? At noon yesterday, Dongguan City, Changan Town, Sha Ring Road, a Jiangxi man with a yellow stone and cement block etc. after smashing armored vehicle, causing the vehicle glass breakage. The car guards repeatedly discourage invalid after shooting, Huang after medical treatment died. Street shops in the incident witnesses in an interview with local media, recalled part of the scene. Then hear a sound, I went out to see, see the man holding a brick smashed the glass copilot, smashed a few still not feeling any feeling, and get kicked a few times, and then the car rearview mirror breaking down." Witnesses said. Witnesses captured video display, Huang walk to the incident near the crossroads, left to take the parcel from the roadside, picked up two pieces of "brick", and then catch the armored car slowly moving, bash the copilot window. Reporters call the incident in the vicinity of the shop, confirmed that the man was carrying a car chase was shot, but for the sake of why the man to chase the car and they did not know. Shop witnesses said: "this thing knows, but when we see the scene, the incident is over. Twelve more then, the police have come, the man has been lying there. He just hit the car glass, the copilot’s glass was cracked but not broken." So, why do you want to chase the yellow car? Disclose the scene of the masses accept Guangdong TV channel interview, perhaps because the man and YunChaoChe occurred "rub at the crossroads". The incident surrounding businesses have also given reporters a similar argument. "I listen to my next door said, because they see it," rub "without treatment. Then the man drove away, and the man went to fight." According to the video and photos, the reporter saw the car involved white vans with the "Junan escort.". It is understood that yesterday the company written reply to the media said: "the guards before the shooting, the man once shout a warning, but to no avail, the final use of riot guns equipped with rubber bullets fired warning shots, the man shot down." So, what is the cause of the incident? The two sides have a "rub"? Are security guards using rubber bullets? Is there anything wrong with the shooting? With doubt 7相关的主题文章: