Cheap Electric Scooters Dont Have To Be

Sports-and-Recreation I needed a way to get around my college campus, so I decided to look at cheap electric scooters. I had not been around ANY type of scooter for years, so I didn’t know what they cost, or what kind of features they had. I must say that after I shopped around awhile, I was pleasantly surprised at how affordable they are, and how many cool features they have. First, let me identify what I mean by "cheap electric scooters". I needed a scooter powerful enough to lug my 190 lbs around, and fast enough to get me to my classes and dorm quickly. Consequently, it had to be a model that was made for adults, as well as older kids. I looked at several models that fit those requirements, that cost well under 300.00! I was shocked that you could buy relatively sophisticated transportation for under 300.00. These were not cheaply made, either. The had tensile steel frames, mag wheels, disc brakes, extra wide decks, and solid welds. They were heavy enough to be sturdy, yet not so heavy as to be hard to control. I was impressed with their speed as well. Most of the models had at least 500 watt motors, and could reach speeds of between 15-20mph, depending on the size of the rider. It seemed that riding them would be fun, too, as they had twist grip throttles and hand held brakes. What was particularly important to me was how far you could ride on a single charge of the battery. Most of these cheap electric scooters could run between 30-40 minutes continuously on a single charge! With my frequent stops and starts, that would be enough "juice to last me the whole day! PERFECT! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: