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Chengdu trucks into the city card to shoot more than 80 thousand or bid for the wrong number of Sichuan Chengdu news network November 4th news (reporter Liang Peng) 4 morning, Chengdu city in 2017 trucks into the city card will be opened in public resources trading center opening in Chengdu City, and the bidding result. Sichuan news network reporter from the opening scene was informed that this year the highest auction price in A1 card, price is 82250 yuan, the price is A1 license auction price 7090 yuan, nearly ten times the auction reserve price of 1300 yuan 70 times. In this regard, auction companies staff said, there may be a bidder in the input price more than 0. Today morning 10 points, in Chengdu city public resources trading center of the auction site, start the computer bidding system, about 10 minutes after the end of the auction, the actual turnover of 13000 digital A1 card, the number of transactions up to 6800, B2 card transactions minimum number is 250. The number of transactions, the number of various types of successful basic and last year, a slight increase in a small part. Among them, the number of A1 card car turnover increased significantly. Last year, the number of A1 card turnover of 6500 people, this year for the number of people, compared with last year, an increase of 300 people in." Auction companies relevant person in charge told reporters Sichuan news network, the amount of the bid, in addition to an increase in the amount of A1 card, C1 card also increased 200 places. From the transaction price, the lowest bid price of competing compared to previous years there is little scope for promotion, but to enhance the scope of basic control in about 10%, the most obvious increase of the A2 card, A2 card last year, the lowest bid price of 9800 yuan, and this year the lowest bid price of 12500 yuan, compared with last year which rose nearly 3000 yuan. Among them, the highest auction price in the A1 card this year, the price of 82250 yuan, the price is the lowest price of A1 card auction nearly $7090, nearly $1300 bid auction price of about $70. For the emergence of the highest bid price A1 card, Ms. Yu said, is likely to enter the bidding price of the input of a 0". In addition, she also said that in the wrong circumstances, the bidder can choose to give up, but also means that the city will abandon the use of freight cars in 2017 road. Sichuan news network reporter learned that the bidding results of the public can be viewed through the Chengdu public resources trading center website. It is worth mentioning that the bidding results of the bidder, in December 5th to December 6th to the original acceptance for payment and licensing procedures for the corresponding procedures, will make urban road freight car use rights, valid for January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017. Editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, for the extended reading supervisor shoot man enter the wrong password bank card is within half an hour ATM angrily smashing machine相关的主题文章: