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The first half of the performance of Chinese aluminum rose   sustained profitability enhancement — China central enterprises News Network — the authority released the central enterprises, the SASAC, local state-owned enterprises to the latest news, in Beijing on 26 August, August 25th, Chinese aluminum released the first half of 2016 performance report, beyond market expectations, China aluminum half profit the ability to rise sharply over the same period last year, total profit of 498 million yuan. This is also China aluminum after the 2015 full year earnings and earnings in the first quarter of, in the six months after the release of the third earnings report. Not long ago, the SASAC news shows that China Aluminum Corporation, the parent group has also made the best six months of nearly five years of performance. Ge Honglin, chairman of the aluminum group in the semi annual meeting, said the group is expected to exceed the SASAC annual assessment tasks. Aluminum price volatility is not the leading factor in the growth of China’s aluminum performance. After the end of 2015 aluminum, jumping style prices fell, the first half of this year, the global aluminum market has been warmer, but tons of aluminum prices are still lower than the same period last year to 1000 yuan, while the price of alumina is still in the historical lows. The overall situation of domestic aluminum enterprises is not optimistic, although some enterprises have a profit but the foundation is still very fragile. Global warming trend of the city did not come, want to simply rely on the day to eat is not realistic. "Greatly reducing the fundamental reason is" China aluminum performance improvement, Yu Dehui China aluminum chairman said in an interview with reporters, "the first half of this year, 15 indicators of the 16 indicators of aluminum alumina improved, 4 main indexes of electrolytic aluminum all improved, the number of indicators has been the leading level in the industry. The overall competitiveness of China aluminum industry is steadily improving." China Aluminum stakeholders in an interview with reporters, said the intensity and extent of its decline exceeded market expectations, the most important core competitiveness of enterprises, and ultimately reflected in the full cost. Forced market costs, cost forced reform, the first half of 2016, the company’s leading product cost reduction of more than any previous year." In addition to greatly reduce cost and brings great help in Ge Honglin Aluminum Group vigorously promote innovation "to increase profits China add, subtract, multiply and divide" hemostasis on aluminum. Last year, Chinese aluminum including Fushun aluminum, take the initiative to shut down a number of backward production capacity, "bleeding" was blocked by; profitability increased significantly under the flag of Baotou aluminum unit was owned; in alumina, in Shanxi, Lvliang with only 8 months to build the world’s first production line of 1 million tons of diaspore, Huajin aluminium cooperation in Guizhou and private enterprises full cost among the front of the industry, continue to contribute to the profits. In addition, China’s aluminum development strategy is also undergoing subtle adjustments. In order to give full play to the agglomeration effect of the industry, China aluminum will focus on the construction of alumina base and electrolytic aluminum base, and gradually the chain to the front end of the industrial chain and the value chain extension. (commissioning editor Li Nanhua and Jiang Qi)相关的主题文章: