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China culture "actually achieved in Song Dynasty [Abstract] Song Dynasty’s historical position, give people the impression that in many textbooks" poor and weak ", as this is the history of the Song Dynasty all. But that is not the case, Mr. Chen Yinque once said: "Chinese Zaoji to Songzhi Shi Zhao culture". The historical status of Song Dynasty, people in many textbooks of the impression is "poor and weak", as this is the history of the Song Dynasty all. But that is not the case, Mr. Chen Yinque once said: "Chinese Zaoji to Songzhi Shi Zhao culture". In fact, the Chinese in ancient times, rich people, folk music, not a dynasty and the Song Dynasty can be compared. Shinshu towards the Prime Minister Wang Dan pointed out: "the capital assets of millions of up to one hundred thousand, and meet the eye everywhere". In simple terms: the Song Dynasty is a powerful engine, the so-called "weak" impression, only the output into a problem, and the cultural output of this side is the best. Song Huizong’s calligraphy and painting more than the contemporary know what is the United States, what is living in the Tang Dynasty, the eyes of the cool artifact, in the Song Dynasty has been the common people. Shen Kuo said: "in the" Meng Xi Bi Tan Tang do rich poetry, remember the support services of Sheng, in poor eyes scared ears. Such as "rich Guanxiu song" cloud: "carved into Zheng Yan is next to the column." This was all the vend bomb, it in?" The eye has not seen the world laugh at the poor people, it is because the Song Dynasty folk wealth made a leap of progress over the previous generation. In addition to reading the literati, scholars, he can also be very leisurely, can be very chic, the most important thing is that they have a taste of life. The concept of tea and incense in the Song Dynasty, and the type of utensils, even if the contemporary master can’t match. The hearts of Song dynasty literati, literati landscape is not only good at poetry, but also proficient in painting, music, calligraphy, achievements, recognized in the world. The Song dynasty literati very much, Fan Zhongyan, Ou Yangxiu, Wang Anshi, Sima Guang, Su Dongpo.. can read out a list, why there are so many letters? Why do they stand firm in the face of power and wealth? This is because they have a landscape, there is a landscape of their own, they are very confident, they know in their own lives have a higher value. Even Song Huizong such an emperor, but also that the landscape is more important than power. Literati, the pursuit of the meaning of life in the Song dynasty literati like tea. The exquisite artifacts, complex techniques, elegant and colorful customs ritual song tea, tea and dilute the natural, Zen enlightenment Confucianism spirit, have far-reaching influence on later generations. This tea from the "small", we can get a glimpse of the taste of life, they know where the meaning of life. In the Song Dynasty, the literati "s character and interest, the peak of the Chinese culture, but also a lot of contributions to China’s aesthetics. The minimalist aesthetic world leading one thousand years of ancient aesthetics in the Song Dynasty to the highest absolute requirement is simple, round, square, plain, pure texture. Sung in ink painting, single firing glaze porcelain. Now the Song Dynasty is the earliest minimalist, minimalist. The more simple, the more difficult the song is a peak of civilization. Song Ruyao, is thousands of years of great brand, pottery are brightly coloured, but dare to go out in brightly coloured song.相关的主题文章: