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UnCategorized There is no magical anti aging face cream. There is nothing that comes in a bottle, tub, or any other fancy container that can actually reverse the aging process, and any product which claims to do so should be steered away from. The key to either keeping a face look young or making a face look younger, is choosing the right face creams that offer realistic results without harsh chemicals. Slapping chemicals on the delicate facial skin may initially decrease the appearance of age, but over time is likely to actually make you look older and unhealthy. When choosing such creams, go natural. Sunscreen is the first and best stop along the anti aging trail. Protecting the skin from the damage the sun can dish out is the first step to preventing further damage. The earlier this process is started, the more protection from aging facial issues you will be granted. It is that simple. The sun has become the enemy for skin care. Once, it was considered healthy to bath in the sun, soak up its nutrients and get a healthy golden glow in the meantime. Now, the sun will eat away at your sin cells and make you look older, faster. Choosing the right face cream starts with looking for the natural and organic ingredients found in nature, especially those loaded with vitamins, minerals, lanolin, collagen, and other botanicals. These natural ingredients are not only in nature, but most of them are also already found in your skin. Over time, your skin loses some of the potency of the natural ingredients and when you replace them, your skin begins to look healthy. Microderm abrasion is the fastest growing anti aging face cream system on the market today. The cream, which also contains microbeads, is rubbed into the skin with a special applicator. It is the equivalent to using sandpaper to smooth a piece of wood. You can reduce marks and blemishes on wood by sanding it the same way you can reduce marks and blemishes on the facial skin. When using microderm abrasion, the anti aging face cream is just as vital as when using face cream alone. Anti aging face creams that are loaded with vitamin K are known to produce reasonable reduction in facial bruising and spider veining that can happen with age. Botanicals and vitamins should be loaded in face creams for it to be even somewhat effective. The more natural ingredients that can be found in the cream, the more likely it is to work well. Nature supplied us with everything our skin needs to be healthy, and the ingredients we need to maintain our skin condition (or improve it) can also be found in nature. By choosing our face creams carefully, we can prolong our looks of more youthful skin, which in our current society can help us land better employment, better second time around partners, and even have more friends. This may not be fair, but it is a fact of living in our youth obsessed society. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: