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"Exploring the Magister" in Beijing starting to lead the new trend of science fiction comedy entertainment Sohu – "hero exploration mage glory" creative photo Sohu entertainment news recently, directed by Jin Yong disciple Yan sky director, actor Hong Bingyao, Zhang Mengxi (from US war greatly, Li Henan Yu Luo adorable), hee, Anlong, Ma Chi, white and black combination (Yin Xiaowei, Milan), starring sci-fi comedy theme highway network movie "hero of MAGE glory" boot in beijing. Because of "exploring the Magister" first entered into the film, the audience view, at the same time, the film won the network movie host Chinese International Youth Film Festival Awards ceremony "Best Art Award" and "best creative marketing award two awards, has been widespread concern in the industry," super IP "exploring the Magister in the network platform laid a good foundation," the hero mage glory "by boot, will get many fans attention, it did not take the first fire. "The mage hero glory" to construct a new highway added to the story elements of comedy "exploring magic teacher" as the network movie science fiction genre in the super IP probe "hero mage glory" to construct a new story in science fiction on the basis of the original, into the road comedy element, tells the story of a bounty hunter mage. T (Hong Bingyao ornaments) to capture various famous weapons to snatch a gang of thieves, searched, and the mainland, to find four soul mate, looking for a gang of thieves, inadvertently found their hideout on the Magister T map, with four partners on the "group Daguai" to find the map annotation the location, found some of the secrets, which will be a gang of thieves plot resolved, finally explore the Magister T successful counter attack has become the superhero stories. "The mage hero glory" sophisticated production team mining science fiction comedy theme "hero of MAGE glory" the continuation of the "production team" excellent exploration mage, in the second film is invited to the popular actress Ge Tian, league team captain OMG a hero alliance goddess Zhang Mengxi (Qi beauty war adorable greatly join). About the film, the director said: "the sky of Yan mage hero glory" added road comedy elements in science fiction story plot setting, both actors in costumes or props are made more delicate than the first one, advanced equipment is used in film technology, made a great improvement I believe, in the post production effects of the science fiction visual beauty and comedy elements will have a unique style to wipe out the collision sparks. It is reported that "exploring mage hero glory" by the new carrier of cultural industry cultural industry group, Jebsen Jebsen auspicious Baorui television media Co. Ltd., Beijing Hong fourteen culture media Co., a Beijing war sky media Limited, a Magister (Beijing) culture media limited company, Beijing Hong fourteen culture media Co. the company exclusive marketing issue, Mai Entertainment Network Co produced and dispersing, and will be in 2017 to meet with the audience.   相关的主题文章: