Detox Your Negative Emotions And Learn How To Manage Stress-ekdv-273

Health Being human means feeling emotions. (E) motion = energy in motion. To stay healthy, let emotional energy wash through you like a wave. Do not hold on, resist or deny the energy. Wel.e it as a response to life and let it move through by expressing it in the moment it arises. You may argue that there are negative emotions that should not be expressed. From our early childhood, we have been taught to be nice and polite. So the idea of expressing all our so-called negative emotions seems foreign and impossible. We fear disapproval or abandonment if we dare speak the truth about what we are thinking or feeling. Instead of thinking of emotions as either negative or positive, let us view them as energy that moves at different speeds. We call the speed of moving energy its frequency. If an energy moves at a slow speed, it has a low frequency. If it moves at a faster speed, it has a high frequency. The emotional energy of anger, for example, moves slowly and has a low frequency and it does not feel good. When anger arises and you do not express it, it is trapped in your body and affects you physically and mentally. If you do not express your emotions, they start accumulating in and around you body. You may not feel them all the time, but these accumulated emotions can burst out from you during adverse conditions. Often these accumulated toxic feelings change your ge.ic structure, causing illness and toxic thinking. You learned how to deal with your emotions as a child, by observing your family. Everything you observed and absorbed in your early childhood went into to your subconscious mind. Since this programming is subconscious, you do not have control of yourself. You respond automatically in a way that is not aligned with what you truly think and feel. Constantly reacting in a way that is unnatural for you causes you to feel stressed out. Unexpressed accumulated anger can turn into depression. You may try About the Author: 相关的主题文章: