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Dream egg: Chinese capital into Hollywood how to choose the film? Sohu Technology (authorized by the original author) in recent years, China’s capital set off a wave of overseas investment. Data released by the Ministry of Commerce show that in the first 9 months of this year, China’s non-financial foreign direct investment reached $134 billion 220 million, an increase of 53.7%. Among them, the global entertainment industry Mecca Hollywood has become the focus of attention of investors. In 2012, Wanda Group $2 billion 600 million acquisition of the United States second largest cinema company AMC as the sign of the event, the production and distribution of private enterprises led by Chinese capital is involved in the Hollywood film to mergers and acquisitions or joint promotion way. At the same time, domestic small and medium investors are actively seeking channels, hoping to be able to share a cup of Hollywood global box office income. Reporters learned that, in Silicon Valley, there is a cross-border Hollywood movie investment platform DreameGGs dream eggs, making small investors also have the opportunity to invest in Hollywood movies, and then participate in the global accounts. The successful financing of four Hollywood films in the year after the dream of eggs in November 8th opened the second round of the film to raise public plan, plans to launch a drama "islands" (Sollers Point) cable and a cartoon "naughty Margaret" (Mean Margaret). (movie "islands" cable posters) how from the tens of thousands of Hollywood movies selected with commercial profit value of the film? When choosing to invest in Hollywood movies, what are the principles that investors need to follow? To this end, the reporter interviewed the founder of Lorelei DreameGGs, and she deeply discussed the need to consider a number of factors to invest in the film. The factors can not be ignored: the production team and the issuing company audience selected films largely on the basis of the credits of the "star flavor", while investors choose movies need to focus on the creation of the team and the issuing company level. To dream of egg second phase of the project as an example, according to Lorelei, "naughty Margaret" the production team invited two animated film industry master, is the first animation designer Carter Goodrich, he served as the "yellow", "Crazy", "the original monster" history of Rick and several popular animated films animation designer, director is directed the animated film "Mulan" Barry Cook, he is also the "beauty and the beast", "Aladdin" and "beauty" and the film’s Co producer. ("naughty Margaret" animation designer Carter Goodrich) it is worth mentioning that last year’s best picture Oscar "focus" of the publishing company Open Road has also become the animated film distribution company. And another movie "the project" has attracted cable islands, including the Parts and Labor production company and joint production company Louverture Films in. In recent years, the United States to participate in the production of the film "American sweetheart" in 2016 to get the Cannes jury.相关的主题文章: