Fan Bingbing makeup swimming, this is the real beauty (Figure)

Fan Bingbing makeup swimming, this is the real beauty (Figure) Fan Bingbing ring Qiangjing entertainment news the evening of October 23rd, Fan Bingbing drying out nine pieces of their swimming photos at micro-blog, says he is so thin. She wore a black long sleeved diving suit, wearing a cap, the makeup of the skin is still supple white, looks very pure. Netizens have said: "I only wear makeup," Li Chen Fan Bingbing "life must be saved on the earth" and "the makeup perfect interpretation of what is called the lotus flower". Fan Bingbing also found a sharp eyed netizens her hands on the shore, looking at the camera photo, her left hand middle finger rings, have been concerned about whether Li Chen has been engaged with her boyfriend. Li Chen tells the story of the news related to the user can only pay attention to what time to get married, and in October 19th, Fan Bingbing, issued a document in micro-blog, said: "time, today’s story about where to go?" "in," said" Fan Bingbing immediately forwarded micro-blog and reply to Li Chencheng: when it comes time to kill a small home! I feel so hurt! Mushrooms! No, the mushroom is dead!" Two people to be caught off guard sent a large pot of dog friends. Originally, time is drama "Goodfellas" in Li Chen’s character, it looks like Fan Bingbing is also behind the boyfriend, chasing the play. See this screenshot micro-blog love interaction, netizens shouted "eat dog food" at the same time, the two people made the marriage: "does not have a child telling the story of what ah, soon marry!" "I only care about when you get married". With deeper, exposing more transparent, more unspeakable secrets, all in the "Phoenix gossip" (micro signal: entifengvip), add free reading.相关的主题文章: