Female college students appeal to their parents to return the money because they do not want to go t spyair

Female college students v. parents return gift money to a university tuition because of its original title: Female College Students’ parents to return the gift money JINGWAH v. Yunnan times news of a female college students because their parents after divorce to pay tuition and parents will be taken to court, request the return of gift money. 4, Kunming Anning City Court revealed that the hearing of this case in the hospital the day before. Female college students Xiaojuan’s parents because of emotional discord, in November 2010, the divorce agreement, the mother raised by Xiaojuan. After the divorce, both because of Xiaojuan’s upbringing and marriage problems such as division of property repeatedly in court, lead to the contradiction between the gap and the deepening. July 2016, Xiaojuan admitted to a university in Kunming, but their parents because of the conflict and the gap is too deep, the two sides are not willing to take the initiative to bear the cost of the University of Xiaojuan, for the tuition fees, living expenses have been worried about the cause of the loss of the cost of living in the United States, the United States and the United States in. Helpless, Xiaojuan’s grandmother came forward to find ways to scrape together enough for the first year of tuition, Xiaojuan was able to successfully enter the University report. After Xiaojuan in support of her grandmother, in order to require parents to return the money to pay the college tuition fees on behalf of the city court to sue for peace. Anning City after the court accepted the case, the judge learned Xiaojuan parents for many years between the two conflicts and estrangement transfer is not willing to pay tuition fees, resulting in Xiaojuan had to request the return of gift money as an excuse to let parents pay tuition fees and living expenses for the fact. Accordingly, that "a sentence" and cannot be resolved as soon as possible Xiaojuan also help to repair as pressing danger, the father and daughter, mother and daughter have broken family, then determine the interpretation of reasoning, tried to mediate and settle the case handling strategy. After the judge mediation, Xiaojuan parents eventually agreed to pay a monthly fee of 1500 yuan to the university tuition and living expenses for a total of $, until Xiaojuan graduated from college. (Zhong Xin) editor in chief: Wang Haocheng相关的主题文章: