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The new network on five continents 24 sculptor carve beautiful sculpture "bags" – Changsha unveiled. Fu Yu photo Beijing Changsha September 20 Xinhua (reporter Fu Yu correspondent Yue Shan Zhang Jing) 20, from the five continents of the world’s 24 sculpture masters gathered at Changsha Ocean Lake Wetland scenic area opened a 30 day trip site creation, to "carve" Changsha beauty. 2016 China (Changsha) sculpture art festival opened on the same day. Compared to previous years, this year’s sculptor lineup is more powerful, adding new from Czech, Turkey, Mexico, Sweden, Zambia, Portugal and other 9 masters of sculpture. "The environment is beautiful and livable, and the air is so good!" This is a New Zealand sculptor leinate? Will the Changsha Brugger early impression. Usually in the studio she was looking forward to taking this opportunity and communicate with each other by sculptors learn, and hope that their work can appear perfect here. Richard, President of the Canadian Society of sculptors, is an old friend of the Changsha Sculpture Festival in. "During the last year, I enjoyed the beautiful scenery and delicious food here, and the people who have given me a great deal of inspiration." It is reported that in the previous two sculpture festival, a total of 36 countries and regions of the sculpture master for the creation of a large number of different styles of sculpture works of art in Changsha. The works of Yu Yang Lake International Sculpture Garden and the surrounding beautiful landscape, become a unique cultural landscape. Masters also bring their own good impression of Changsha back to the country, to become an ambassador of Changsha culture. The cutting ceremony, a creation by the deputy director of China City Sculpture Art Committee of Jing Yumin’s sculpture "bags" unveiled. From now on, the public can Changsha by planting Changsha flower of Rhododendron, and sculptors to complete this piece of public art. Since then, "" bags will be forever Ocean Lake wetland. (end)相关的主题文章: