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Results the fifth grade students obviously retrogression cause unexpectedly and 1 year old sister about in recent days, Hangzhou Normal University affiliated primary school teachers are busy doing one thing, refine the successful family education visits found in the typical case, made, in order to give the family education in the future to make a good foundation to guide the job. In this past summer, Hangzhou elementary school teachers home more than 1000 children, want to learn more about some of the student’s family life, to promote home school communication. In the home, many high grade teacher found a no attention to the phenomenon: the family has two children of the family up, if two children between the ages of a larger gap, will lead to child behavior and academic achievement was unsatisfactory. The causes of this phenomenon is also very simple, many parents feel that energy is limited, take care of the small, on children’s attention will reduce. Grade five or six children are in adolescence, parents are more sensitive to the attention of the transfer, leading to emotional occurrence of relatively large fluctuations affect their behavior and learning achievement. Mao Changyun is Hangzhou the fifth grade elementary school teacher, this summer she visits the 34 family, one child family is 20. "There are a lot of child family of two children, this is the two or three year of birth, and the child’s age gap is big." Mr. Mao said, in a family visit, she gradually discovered a phenomenon: "some children learning achievement significantly behind, reason may be that the family has a much smaller than his brother or sister." For example, there is a boy in her class, the original performance can also be, people are docile, usually with the classmates and laughing and talking. But from the last semester, the little boy like a changed man, not only academic regresses obviously, from time to time conflict with classmates. Mr. Mao told reporters, once in the classroom, a table reminded the boy, he shouted, "what do you care about me", but also to the desks overturned. There is an English exam, the teacher checked the papers hair down, he did not test well, even the original answer to obliterate, correct, and then took the papers to find teachers again. The teacher was found after his emotional collapse, cried and refused to go home. The home visits, Mr. Mao finally found out the reason, the boy’s mother gave birth to a girl who is 1 years old. The mother admitted that since the two child, she put more time and energy on the two children who, on children’s attention fell, "a person with two children Gubuguolai, originally a pipe will now focus on his work, not so much." According to Hangzhou elementary school visits showed that now the proportion of households accounted for the second class, the number of 20%~30%, or even higher. Mao Changyun said that the family had two children to regress children’s performance is generally more students at original prison home. "Before all the people at home focus at the child, had two children, all of these concerns shifted, the child’s self perception will feel that" parents don’t love me. "." Two children between the age gap is an objective existence for children, but this is not absolute, the key is how parents do. Mr. Mao suggested: "parents should go to guide.

五年级学生成绩明显退步 原因竟与1岁妹妹有关最近几天,杭州师范大学附属小学的老师们正在忙着做一件事——提炼家访中发现的成功家庭教育典型,做成案例,为的是能给今后的家庭教育指导工作打个好基础。在过去的这个暑假里,杭师附小的老师们家访了1000多户孩子,想通过这种方式多了解一些学生的家庭生活,促进家校沟通。可在家访中,很多中高年级的老师发现了一个原来没有关注到的现象:家里有二孩的家庭多起来了,如果两个孩子之间的年龄差距较大,会导致大孩行为习惯及学习成绩明显退步。导致这一现象的原因其实也很简单,很多家长觉得精力有限,照顾了小的,对大孩的关注度便降低。五六年级的孩子正处于青春期,对父母关注度的转移比较敏感,导致情绪发生比较大的波动,影响自身行为及学习成绩。毛长云是杭师附小五年级的班主任,这个暑假她家访了34户家庭,其中二胎家庭就有20户。“有不少二胎家庭的二孩,就是这两三年出生的,与大孩的年龄差距有点大。”毛老师说,在一户一户的家庭走访中,她逐渐发现了一个现象:“有些孩子学习成绩明显退步了,原因可能就是家里有了一个比他小很多的弟弟或者妹妹。”比如她班上有一个男孩子,原来成绩还可以,人也温顺,平时跟同学也是有说有笑的。但从上个学期开始,这个小男孩好像变了一个人似的,不仅学习成绩退步明显,还不时与同学发生冲突。毛老师告诉记者,有次在课堂上,同桌提醒了男孩子一句,他竟然大声喊起来,“你凭什么管我”,还把课桌都推翻了。还有一次英语考试,老师批改好了考卷发下来,他没考好,竟然把原来的答案涂掉,改成正确的,然后拿着考卷找老师重批。被老师发现后,他情绪崩溃,大哭大闹不肯回家。这次家访中,毛老师终于找到了原因,男孩的妈妈又生了一个女孩,已经1岁了。妈妈承认,自从有了二孩,她把更多的时间和精力放在了二孩身上,对大孩的关注度下降了,“一个人带两个孩子顾不过来,原来还会管一管他的作业,现在精力上顾不上那么多。”据杭师附小的家访结果显示,现在二胎家庭的比例,占班级人数的20%~30%,甚至更高。毛长云说,家里有了二孩导致大孩成绩退步的,一般是家里原先盯得比较牢的学生。“之前家里所有人的关注点都聚焦在大孩身上,有了二孩后,这些关注点全部转移了,孩子的自我认知会觉得‘爸妈不爱我了’。”两个孩子之间的年龄差距对于大孩的影响是客观存在的,但也不是绝对的,关键在于父母怎么做。毛老师建议:“家长要去引导,要直接地表达对大孩的爱,让大孩感受到。”杭师附小校长缪华良告诉记者,学校会在此次大范围家访的基础上推出一些举措,比如在原来家长俱乐部的基础上成立家长指导中心,发放教育券;开展约谈式家长会,根据家长实际需求,让家长与任课老师约定时间进行个别交流。相关的主题文章: