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UnCategorized The trouble with forex trading is that the quality of forex brokers varies greatly from one broker to the next. This is why it’s very important that you take your time choosing which broker you want to open an account with. If you choose the wrong one then the consequences can turn out to be very expensive. There are many reasons for this. The first is simply because if you ever want to withdraw your money, whether you have increased your account or lost some of your initial deposit, you will sometimes have great difficulties actually receiving this money. This is because some .panies are less than scrupulous. Furthermore some brokers are not regulated by any regulatory body so you have to be very careful. This isn’t so much the case with many of the established brokers operating in the US or mainland Europe, for instance, but some of the offshore .panies are not regulated at all, so they carry much higher risk. The second reason why choosing the wrong broker can be very costly is because some brokers offer spreads that are much higher than other brokers. For instance some may offer .petitive spreads of just 1 or 2 pips on the EUR/USD pair whilst some may be as high as 4 or 5 pips. So in the long run these large spreads will really eat into your profits, particularly if you are a relatively short-term trader. It also makes trading that much harder because you need greater price moves just to break-even. Finally you may also find that your chosen broken doesn’t really provide you with the tools and the trading platform you need to be.e a consistently profitable trader. For instance if you like to trade the economic data releases you need your broker to keep their spreads at the same levels around these times. If they are always going down or dramatically increasing their spreads around these critical times of the day, then you clearly need to change your broker. Similarly if you require a professional-standard charting platform in order to trade your own particular strategy then you will be left disappointed if the free charting software offered to you isn’t up to scratch. So to sum up, if you are serious about a profitable forex trader, then you need to choose a reliable (and fully regulated) forex broker that’s meets all of your requirements. The account opening process can be a long and tedious one, whichever broker you go with, so it’s worth taking some time to choose the best one available right from the start. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: