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SMS fraud "bombing" double eleven victims of 70% young people – Beijing drawing Li Kaihong double eleven near the end, FedEx has not arrived, mobile phone SMS has come in a throng to "Tmall", "Jingdong" suffix, SMS, SMS fraud also some lurking. I obviously did not shop on the Jingdong, or received a string of ‘106’ number of the beginning of the text messages to remind the receipt." Mr White said that if he really bought the goods, perhaps on the point of open links. After buying eleven double, Ms. Liao has not received a range hood, it has received the seller phone. "She claimed to be a gas stove customer service, to send a set of tools and Mobile Recharge Card gave me 20 yuan to pay the postage." Ms. Liao to shop sales staff to make a phone call to confirm that there is no such thing. Later received a prepaid card, you need to follow the prompts to dial the number". MS Liao guess, the tool should be a guise, recharge card is the key. Recently, a group of double eleven online shopping security report shows, sending spam messages of the peak appeared in November 10, 2016 and the 11 days of the two day, which is the highest peak in November 10th, 360 of the total Mobile Phone Guardian 197 million spam messages intercepted is almost 4.6 times the average of the three quarter, and dual eleven day down to 176 million. 11, the day of spam messages, a total of 2 million 360 thousand in Chengdu, ranked the city in the country, including a total of 28 thousand fraudulent messages. Provincial Public Security Bureau police reminded, after eleven double, the public should be particularly vigilant refund fraud and other text messages. Police advise: alert, fault and other fancy orders refund fraud in Sichuan Province Public Security Bureau police officer Wang introduced, double eleven as consumption hot spots, consumer demand and efforts are relatively large, in the face of mass consumption, psychological preparedness is relatively low, a naturally not absent, in this kind of consumption atmosphere under the cover of the success rate is much higher. "There will be no pie in the sky." Wang reminded police, this is fraud prevention must adhere to the principle of online shopping, we must find a regular shop, in addition to their billing information must have a clear understanding, do not rely on mobile phone SMS reminder. "Your online shopping transaction is unusual or can not be shipped, you need to refund or cancel the transaction." According to reports, the double eleven, this kind of information should pay special attention to the "single" and "single out" and "abnormal trading", "thaw order" and "order processing" and other words are fraud special terms, in addition to some "lottery", "feedback" and other information will be in a ten half a month to a month’s time, become the main push brand liar". People in these areas should be vigilant, do not easily click. Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporter Huan Xiaohuai相关的主题文章: