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PR Moscow, Russia, October 25, 2013 – The highly acclaimed tech start-up, Displair, is pleased to announce the release of Airlikea mobile app that enables the rapid exchange of photos, videos and contacts wirelessly between users. The company that created Displair, the worlds first interactive air display with the MultiTouch gesture recognition system designed to display 3D visualizations in the air, now bring you the content driven mobile application, Airlike. With its simple design and compelling functionality, Airlike is the fastest way to share content between friends. The app is deftly crafted for easy sign-up, straightforward navigation and swift adding and filtering of content. The Airlike app makes for convenient facilitation of face-to-face communication, as users can connect with other Airlike users nearby. Meeting new people and expanding your network has never been simpler! Start sharing files with a quick point-and-shoot of via smartphones and a connection is established. Easily impart interesting photos, videos, and important contacts with others, using Airlikes stable connection to rapidly transfer media. The creation of personal user accounts also enables users to manage the content they would like to share, keeping privacy in the hands of the user. Users waste no time coming into contact with new friends! I believe that content-sharing is very important in todays digital world, said Sergey Barkalov, Head of Airlike Project. We’ve made great strides in improving upon this technology in order to make content-sharing more convenient to users. Airlike is a free mobile app available for iOS and can be downloaded through the Apple App Store. Displair currently has plans to release the Airlike App for Android and Windows Phone in the near future. In addition to the content services provided by Airlike, the seamless transfer of money between contacts is a future feature currently in development as well. For more information about Displair and the Airlike app please visit .www.displair.com and .airlike.me/. About Displair, LLC: Displair is the Russian tech company that designed and developed the worlds first interactive air display with a MultiTouch gesture recognition system. The first Displair prototype was assembled in July 2010 as part of an Innovation session of the International Youth Forum Seliger and presented to former Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev. That same year, Displair was named one of the top 5 technical projects in the Plug & Play business incubator in Silicon Valley. Kamanin and the Displair team have received much recognition for the award-winning Displair device. Investors in Displair include the investment fund Leta Capital, the angel investor Esther Dyson, the Venture Angels seed fund, Bas GodkaCEO at Acrobator, and the venture fund SignUp Venture. Displair has official distributors in the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Bulgaria, Russia and Kazakhstan. Sales are planned to commence at the start of next week and the company is currently taking pre-orders. Press Contact: Natalia Ikonnikova Airlike, Inc Russia, 127055, Moscow, Suschevskaya Str., 27, bld 2, office 1.8 +7 499 213 02 63 .airlike.me/ About the Author: 相关的主题文章: