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Business This month, Rayna, our daughter, graduated from cosmetology school. It was a very special weekend celebrating her accomplishment. Like we all often experience while pursuing our goals, she had so many ups and downs during her 18 month journey. There were obstacles to overcome and challenges to hurdle, in order to complete the requirements. Sometimes, especially when working as an entrepreneur, direct seller or home-based business owner, we realize we are lost and have to find a new path. Goals met often include a lost and found journey. Rayna went through an elimination process before deciding to become a hair stylist. She spent a year at two other colleges before discovering a career path that excited her. She understood how important it is to find work that you love and are passionate about. Identifying this goal was only half the battle; she would now have to reach it! Working both days and nights – between school and her job – required a rigorous schedule with many sacrifices including the ultimate: moving back home. Three moments were illustrative about the goals we set for ourselves: 1. Go – Go After Your Goals The closer we get to our goals the more effort, action and energy we are willing to put forth. Rayna came home from school a few weeks ago and shared how she did a pedicure. She really dislikes doing pedicures. It was interesting to watch her make sacrifices as she moved closer to her goal. Luckily Rayna specializes in hair cutting, styling and color. Are there certain actions that you might not be willing to do at the start, however as you gain commitment and see your finish line; you might be able to conquer? 2. Grow – Grow Your Conviction, Picture the Result We must picture our paradise before we can pursue it. Picture the goal accomplished in your mind to find your motivation. During her celebration dinner, Rayna grinning ear-to-ear said, "Oh… I am so excited I have dreamt about this day for so long, I can’t believe it’s finally here." To keep herself motivated, she pictured the reward over and over, in vivid detail. What difficult goal are you challenging yourself to achieve? Can you picture a paradise that propels you to pursue it? 3. Gusto – Give others permission to ‘push’ you to reach your goals. One of her favorite teachers wrote a congrats card to Rayna and said, "Thank you for letting me ‘push you’ to reach your goal. By sharing her goals with others, accepting encouragement and meeting personal challenges, Rayna graduated with confidence in her chosen areas of expertise. (Color and hair cutting) Rayna’s favorite teacher was not someone who let her off the hook easily or settled for anything below Rayna’s best. She was someone who coached her to strive for excellence, and to demand more of out of her. Rayna proudly said, "I have never completed anything like this before. I am so happy with my choice and I feel like I can do hair forever." She understands that her craft has everything to do with helping others to feel good about their personal appearance, building their self-esteem and offering stellar service. She takes her work seriously. Who are you permitting to push you towards your goals? What support system do you have to help you achieve your goals? Are you allowing your manager or upline to ‘push’ you to be your best? Do you have someone who will NOT let you off the hook too easily? Who helps you strive for excellence? Because Rayna had a successful internship, she was hired full-time at the salon. Her career commences this June. Initially she will be assisting and looking for models before they promote her to her own chair. If you are near Columbus, Ohio, and would like to go to her salon, email me for details. She does my hair and I am thrilled with the results. With these three pointers in mind, go after your goals with gusto! © 2010 All Rights Reserved. Barb Girson Original Work About the Author: , International Direct Selling Industry expert, trainer and coach, is a highly interactive, creative speaker and author offering professional skill development programs for workshops, leader retreats, annual conventions and teleclass sales training programs. To contact Barb, sign up for her FREE sales training teleclass and get her Sales Strategies Ezine go to MySalesTactics.com Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: